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Testimonials for William P. Barrett, M.D.

We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and helping all patients return to active and healthy lifestyles. Our orthopedic surgeons combine compassion with expert orthopedic care, building relationships with patients while relieving pain and increasing mobility and quality of life. Read what some of our past patients have to say about the Proliance Orthopedic Associates team.

Thanks to all of you at Proliance for making my trip to Katmai Alaska possible. The trip was very difficult physically and would have been impossible
without the knee replacement.


On the way to the summit of Mount Rainier.


Proliance Orthopedic Associates and Dr. William Barrett are rare finds in healthcare and surgery.  In my 72 year lifetime, and 50 years as a health care professional, I have a multitude of experiences with doctors, health care systems and service providers.  Dr. Barrett and Proliance have exceeded my expectations with all aspects of health care: competence, seamless quality care, compassion, program and resource leadership and management; and follow up. I had a total right knee replacement 3 weeks ago.  I am healing and recovering faster than I had expected, thanks to Dr. Barrett, his team and Proliance. I feel confident that I will be able to return to my precious life activities such as dance, hiking, gardening, swimming and my professional work as an occupational therapist; and to pursue new leisure time activities. I look forward to returning to Proliance for my left TKR when it is time, and for my other orthopedic needs. Many of my family and friends have sought and received orthopedic care with Proliance, and return for future care. They and I rate Proliance as one of the few top providers of comprehensive orthopedic surgery and care in the USA. Thank you Dr. Barrett and Proliance.

B. Noelani Hong

My surgery was on May 26, 2015 (my birthday).  I was very aggressive with my rehab and was able to ski that first winter (6 months from surgery) and was already back to hiking.  Today, I do an early morning hike up Pinnacle Peak just outside of Enumclaw, four to five times a week.  Round trip the hike is four miles with an 1100’ elevation gain.  The picture I sent you was taken at the summit of Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone National Park on August 10, 2017.  This hike was a personal goal I set for myself shortly after having surgery.  Thanks to the fantastic staff at Proliance and Dr. Barrett’s  great surgical skills, I am doing the things I love to do!


Full right hip replacement by Dr. Barrett 12-19-16.  PAIN-FREE hike up Diamondhead on 7-15-17.  Thank you Proliance Team!!!!

Brian C.

Dr. Barrett replaced my left knee two years ago. I am able to hike hills, go to the gym, and do everything I did before I had terrible knee pain. Dr. Barrett was recommended by several friends, and, in doing my research, he was touted as the best orthopedic doctor around. I had my surgery and he was friendly, professional and skilled. I have recommended him to many of my friends. He is the best.

Cathy S.

From the first appointment to my follow up seven weeks after hip surgery, everything that I experienced was very professional. My surgery was perfect and my recovery was phenomenal! One week after surgery I was walking without a walker or cane. I am now back to doing things that I couldn’t do prior to surgery and I am biking daily. I highly recommend Dr. Barrett and the surgical technique he uses!

Kenneth B.

My name is Rebecca and I’m a patient of Dr. Barrett. I couldn’t be more thrilled about the success of my hip surgery. The whole process was an enjoyable one, from start to finish. I appreciated all the friendly and helpful faces at the clinic. Then at the hospital for my surgery, everyone was wonderful. It really couldn’t have gone better. I was in pain for four years and this has been life changing.

Rebecca E.

I could barely walk. Movement–even turning in bed–was torture. This went on for years. Two hip replacements later, three months apart, and it was as if I’d been granted a new life. The surgeries, which I’d been dreading, were handled expertly by Dr. Barrett and his terrific team, including Jana and Olivia. I was walking farther than I’d walked within a month of the second operation. I can walk miles now, easily and with no pain. I can stoop and pick things off the floor, do my own toenails, do housework, climb stairs, do everything I could when I was young and healthy–as far as my hips are concerned, at any rate! I aced my one-year checkup last month. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Barrett and Proliance.



I had a total right hip replacement on the 10th of August. From my first appointment with Jana Flener, to being discharged from Valley Medical I was TOTALLY impressed and happy with everything. Proliance Orthopedics is just super. They treated me very well. Appointments were always on time. Totally organized as to what I needed to do to prepare for surgery – The other appointments that I would need to go to. They scheduled it all and it was just an efficient organization. Dr. Barrett is great! After meeting him at the seminar, I realized how committed he is to making people’s lives better. He was so patient with all questions and answered them for at least a half an hour after the session closed. Calvin, at the hospital was really good, too, with helping the patients know what to expect. Jana Flener has been just super, as well.

Everything went off without a hitch and I am in Physical Therapy, with Erin Peterson. She is really good and helpful and that is also a good experience.

Valley Medical and Proliance Orthopedics have been excellent in every way.

Many thanks for all of your kindnesses.

Mary Ellen

Mary M.

I finally decided to do something serious about my basketball knee (surgery in 1978 to remove part of meniscus cartilage), injured from playing at 45 long after I should have quit. So, I had knee replacement about 1 year ago – Sept 9, 2014. I have never regretted the decision, even the next morning after the surgery. I am continuing step aerobics, which pained before, but not now, and walking most days 3-4 miles without pain. The knee had become so bad that simply standing for some time, even with a brace, was very painful. We just returned from a couple weeks in Sweden, visiting old haunts, and walked 6-7 miles per day for most days of the visit. Why do I walk so much? Just following my wife!

I am grateful to Dr. Barrett and his skill, as well as his assistants in surgery, for my greatly improved knee and now straight leg. The nursing staff during my two-day stay was excellent.

Eugene W.

I love the ocean. I love the sights, and sounds and smells of a harbor. The birds, the sea life, the people, I love it all. My dream for retirement is to cruise harbor to harbor in my boat enjoying the sights along the way. To explore the harbor towns, and to see all they have to offer. Alaska to Mexico, that is my dream.

Last year around this time I remember walking down the dock and hearing another boat owner call out “Are you ok Kevin”. I answered that I was fine, Why? The response was that I was limping very badly, did I get hurt? I remember telling the lady that no, I was just getting old. That made me think about the pain in my hip. It made me think about the decreased range of motion I had, and the Ibuprofen I had to take every day for the pain.

Well, after a visit to my family doctor, and some x-rays I ended up in Dr Barrett’s office. He took the time to explain to me that my hip was worn out. I could live with the pain, or I could replace it. He explained that I was young at 52 for a hip replacement but that technology had come a long way. There was no pressure, he just laid out the facts. It was an easy decision for me.

We scheduled surgery for January. Everything went very smoothly and professionally. I am from Alaska so I spent a couple of weeks at a local hotel recovering. By 6 weeks post op I was walking a mile on the treadmill every day. By March I was able to go spend a couple of weeks on my boat, walking up and down the long dock several times a day.

Now, it’s September, six months post op. We are just wrapping up a great boating season. I honestly don’t think much about my hip any more. There is no pain, and my range of motion is back to what it should be.

The important thing is that my my life, my dreams are intact. I can still retire in a few years and live my dream. I got my life back. There are not words that can express just how much that means to me.

Thank You Dr. Barrett and the entire Pro Alliance team. You don’t do surgery, you restore dreams. You restore life.

James S.

James S.

I began my career as a mountain guide taking people to the summit of Mt Rainier in 1968 at age 17. Many years and hundreds of summit ascents later, my knees were shot. I consulted with Dr. Barrett and subsequently decided to go with double-replacement (both at the same time). I was 57 years old and a veteran of coping with broken bones, but never had I contemplated elective surgery. I very much liked and trusted Dr. Barrett and in fact the surgery was wildly successful. Although I had previously climbed Mt Rainier enough times to satisfy my lifelong craving, there were many other outdoor destinations on my list. Since the surgery I have logged countless miles in the Cascade and Olympic mountains, on multi-day backpack trips as well as day hiking. A twenty six mile round trip trek through the Quinault rain forest to Enchanted Valley in Olympic National Park is one of my favorites. My wife and I enjoyed that one last spring, in only three days. No knee pain! Downhill skiing is another favorite activity I can enjoy again, without the need to load up on ibuprofen in the lift line. Knee replacement surgery changed my life for the better, and now at age 64 I look forward to many years of active living. These days I thoroughly enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the base of our Mountain, and treasure the memories I have of attaining her icy crown on foot.

Joe H.

Joe H.

I’m just another success story on Dr. Barrett’s file. Almost four months out I’m happy to have my new knee. Although rehab is still in progress, I can barely catch up with the knee as it walks all by itself – no pain. Lifting or biking I feel free to push myself back into pre-replacement shape, and am glad I went through with the surgery. Yes, I was overall in shape and took care of muscles as much as I could before the procedure. I also was fairly flexible in my joints as I didn’t shy away from stretching. But achieving the rapid recovery and painless and cane-less existence would not be possible without preparation, diligence, and meticulous organization of the surgical team. From day one of initial consultation to final discharge at three months follow up the team worked seamlessly to keep me on the track to success. This included five-star room service at the fifth floor of the Valley Medical Center, attentive nurses, physical therapists, and patient care techs, physician assistant, Jana Flener, and all the rest of the personnel at POA office at Valley MC.

At the risk of becoming a frequent flyer, I’m thoroughly preparing my second knee for a meeting with Dr. Barrett. I highly recommend anyone who is at the end of their suffering from arthritic pain in their knees not to wait any longer and see Dr. Barrett for consultation.

You only have one life and just two knees to deal with its entirety. Make the latter ones click, and the former one count without pain.

Oleg G.

Oleg G.

I was told by 2 surgeons that I needed both knees replaced but I’d better get them done together as it’s so painful that I’d never come back to get the second one done. I was also told that my activities would be very limited as well with a replaced knee. So with that information, I held off for 5 years as my knees continued to get worse to the point where I stopped nearly all the activities that I loved and even had difficulties standing up.

I knew I had to do something, so my friend’s doctor referred me to Dr. Barrett. It took 3 months to get an appointment, apposed to the single day it took to get in to see the other 2 surgeons. I was glad I’d waited as I was diagnosed and scheduled for a knee replacement for the right knee which was in the worst shape, this was also a 3 month wait. Now I understand the wait as he does perfect work and the whole Valley Medical Center operated like a seasoned pro!

After my surgery, I felt very little pain and was up walking later that day. The pain I’d felt was actually less than what I had prior to surgery. The correct pain medication for me was administered so that I was able to rehab in comfort. I went home after 2 nights and was able to walk upstairs into my split level home. With physical therapy starting the next week and continuing for 4 weeks, I was able to bend and straighten my knee to the recommended degrees.

The real fun began when I was able to drive after a month’s wait. I went back to the gym to take a Pilates class and lift some weights on the 6th week. Much to my dog’s delight, when I got home from the gym I took him for his first walk for 2 hours and have been walking him regularly 2-3 times a week since. I walk in my hilly neighborhood and nearby parks which are very hilly. It was a bit of a struggle at first and had to wear a Velcro brace on my “non-operated” “good” left knee as now it was feeling worse since it was picking up some slack. After a few months this knee has improved as well due to strengthening of the surrounding muscle. On the 7th week, I went to the gym and took a cycling/spinning class for an hour straight and was able to keep up with the class. I must mention that I’ve been taking these gym classes for 11 years and the instructors were well aware of my knee surgery in case of an emergency and I was also able to modifying the class to meet my needs.

So now it is 6 months later I am awaiting knee surgery for my second knee in October. I can hardly wait to have both knees done as I believe I will be able to do all activities I enjoy, but will modify any jumping or running as those are off limits to preserve the life of the implant. I was however surprised that kneeling is no problem for me.

Thanks to Dr. Barrett and team as I have gotten my life back. Now I know what it feels like to once be disabled and then have my health restored. I’m so thankful for quality doctors and the technology needed to make my knees fully functional again.

Monica F.

Monica F.

Anterior approach patient Largo, 67, received hip replacement surgery from POA surgeon Dr. William Barrett. After 5-6 years of knee and back pain, Largo’s hip became a problem. Dr. Barrett had performed orthopedic surgery on her husband and so Largo knew that she wanted Dr. Barrett to perform her hip replacement surgery via anterior approach. She had her hip operation on a Monday and was back to work the following Sunday.

“I’m an avid gardener, welder, and really active outdoors… This procedure realigned my spine. I have no back pain, my knee, which was pain caused by the hip, is gone. I feel like I’m 40.”

POA Patient Largo

Watch this fascinating testimonial video from Proliance Orthodpedic Associates’ patient Betsy, who experienced osteoarthritis to the point of bone on bone. She talks about meeting with POA orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Barrett and how he allowed her to make her own decision about surgery. Her decision vastly improved her quality of life. She was very pleased with her “miraculous” recovery within six weeks and the entire experience as a whole. Thank you Betsy for you kind words. We are so happy that you are feeling significantly better.

“He took time to answer my questions. And he was very kind, really focused on me and what my goals were.”

POA Patient Betsy

Though early hip replacement is the new trend
For 64 years you have been a good friend
It is to thank you that I am writing this ode
For you have done your best to carry my load

You have been in London, Paris and French countryside
You have been all o’er North America when I could ride
You hiked 26,000 feet up and down Mt. Rainier
Carrying my body, sleeping bag, tent and gear

With you I have scaled many a hiking trail and mountain high
You have performed reliably atop my thigh
When I carried up to fifty pounds in my pack and pocket
You rolled along in your ball and socket

For many hours a day I had to sit on my glutes
When work required that I leave my pack and boots
There you sat all scrunched up and unoiled
While with patients, desk, and computer I toiled
All those hours in step aerobics you had to perform
Three miles around Greenlake most days was the norm
Every once and awhile you would let me know you were sore
But I mistakenly would just work you some more

When finally, you let me know you’d had enough
That is when things got very tough
I really thought my life was the dregs
When I could not do much atop my legs
Though you only lasted 64 years
I leave you behind without any tears
Historically, we usually did not live so long
So you were not required to be so strong

So for you there is no shame and no blame
For I have only been a little bit lame
You did your best and we had a good run
Now I am looking forward to having more fun!


Dear Dr. Barrett, Kayte, and Olivia,

We’ve had a week of skiing here in this gorgeous area of Lech Zuers and St. Anton. Over 94 lifts-miles! My new hip of October 2012 and knee injections allowed for 6 straight days of skiing -thanks so much.


In my case, I really can’t pin down when my right hip started causing problems. I can, however, pin down when the problem got really bad – November, 2012.

The trek started from Jiri, Nepal, a long day’s car ride to the East of Kathmandu. The idea was to trek eight days to the Khumbu Region, home of Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha to Nepalis). The trek would go on to the Everest Base Camp and include climbing a lower peak, Kala Patthar, where one gets the best view of Sagarmatha herself.

The “trail” from Jiri, however, was a surprise – more rockfall than trail, steeper than expected, and up and over three 11,000 ft passes. By day two, my hip was hurting to the point of requiring a rest day. My pace slowed way down, and, what should have taken eight days, took eleven. Planned side trips were discarded as I slowly and painfully trekked up toward Everest. Rest days for acclimatization helped a little. Pain pills also helped.

By the time I reached a village called Pheriche, three days short of the Everest area, it was time to call it quits. Once you’re up into the Himalayas, there are only two ways to get down – a very expensive helicopter ride or walk. So, walk it was. But by now, I was down to three or four hour days before I had to stop for the day.

I eventually got back to a place called Lukla where I hopped a plane to Kathmandu. Since the trek was cut short, I had to spend extra days in Kathmandu before my flight back to Seattle. And, I didn’t feel like sightseeing.

By the time I arrived in Seattle, it really hurt to walk. I used a cane for almost two weeks after getting home. My family doctor had me do some therapy for a month – no effect at all – and then gave me a referral to Dr. Barrett at Proliance Orthopedic Associates. In my mind, Dr. Barrett was the only choice, since he had replaced my wife’s knee a couple of years earlier. When she was looking for a surgeon, she ran into a totally different attitude with Dr. Barrett and his staff. With other doctors, the focus was always on the things she wouldn’t be able to do any more. With Dr. Barrett, the focus was on all the things she would now be able to do. For example, we ride motorcycles, and my wife rides her own. We mentioned we had a 3500 mile ride planned seven weeks after her operation and asked if that would be a problem. The answer was “no problem” – and we did it!

So, my hip replacement surgery was set up for April 1, 2013. During the preparation, I discovered the obvious advantages to Dr. Barrett’s anterior (front) approach compared to the more traditional posterior or lateral approach. The restrictions after surgery were so much less, and the recovery so much faster, I can’t see why anyone would use a different approach.

The surgery was done on a Monday, and I went home on Wednesday. Shortly thereafter, I began therapy. The most difficult part was learning to walk normally. My Physical Therapist said I’d “gimped” so long that I actually had muscles that weren’t firing. She was very good and very patient twice a week for the next three months. By then, I was back in the gym and feeling great.

It was also about that time that my very understanding wife knew I had “unfinished business” in Nepal. She did, however, have some rules: she had veto power if she didn’t think I was in good enough shape; I had to use both a guide and porter; and I had to promise not to “push it.” So, the planning began. Not sure how things would go, I planned on flying into Lukla from Kathmandu instead of walking in from Jiri. Doing so requires changes to the acclimatization schedule, but I planned enough days to be able to make itinerary changes.nepal

I arrived in Nepal on March 10th and flew to Lukla on March 12th. The trails are a little easier starting from Lukla, but there are still rocks, high steps, and steep climbs. It always takes some days to get into the groove of trekking and being 68 years old and starting at 9,000 ft doesn’t help. It’s hard to breathe and body parts ache. But one thing never ached or hurt – my right hip. In fact, I never noticed it.

So, I “slogged” up into the Khumbu through the most amazing scenery and clear air. I recognized the trail all the way up to Pheriche. From then on, it was all new – all the way up to a place called Gorak Shep at 17,000 ft., the last lodges before Everest Base Camp. After spending the night, where it was so cold the sunscreen froze, my guide and I started our way up the black “hill” across a valley.

On March 23rd, I stood on top of Kala Patthar at 18,204 ft, less than one year after having my hip replaced. The view across the Khumbu glacier with Everest on the left and Nuptse on the right was amazing. I called my wife on a satellite phone and took a picture for Dr. Barrett.

The next day, I went up to Everest Base Camp and stood at the base of the Khumbu Icefall. After one more night at Gorak Shep, I started down. And, going down was so much faster – harder on the knees and balls of the feet, but faster.

No more unfinished business in Nepal. And I never did notice my hip.

Below is a great testimonial video from our patient Fran! When asked why she chose the anterior approach for her hip replacement surgery, Fran said, “I knew it would be less invasive, faster recovery time, and would allow me to get back to doing the things I love to do.” We’re so glad that we could help Fran with her hip pain and that she is now part of the POA extended family!


I am enthusiastic to share my patient experience with Dr. Barrett and Proliance Orthopedic Associates, and to inform other people who have an interest in seeking the best care for their hip related issues.

I am an experienced war horse, so to speak, as I have experienced both posterior and anterior approaches to hip replacement. In 2001, I had the posterior approach surgery on my left hip due to a deformity. My research for this surgery began in 1983, and took place in Australia nearly 20 years later. Because the right hip had compensated for the left and was also somewhat abnormal, the cartilage ultimately wore out from the right hip as well. This became increasingly debilitating over time. As an avid sailor, my joy of experiencing the feeling of an unstable surface beneath my feet during a rough sea turned to agony due to increasingly excruciating pain in this hip. After a particular two day sailing trip, the pain became too much and soon afterward, I reached out to Dr. Barrett.

After experiencing the recuperation process from the posterior approach a little more than 10 years earlier, I had some trepidation top of mind. After meeting Dr. Barrett and his staff, these concerns soon dissipated. Dr. Barrett relates very well to his patients and deals with the facts clearly, discusses every detail and professionally supports the patient’s decision-making, all the while providing the information efficiently and respectfully. Dr. Barrett demonstrates empathy in attitude. His patient manner is exceedingly good and as a post-surgery patient, I have nothing but the highest admiration for his technical proficiency. I would also like to commend the communication management between the surgeon and the patient’s family. In measurable terms, with a 10 being high, I rate this consideration an 11 out of 10! The entire process from start to finish throughout the organization has been seamless – a fantastic experience. Every aspect of care and management, from reception to discharge, has exceeded my expectations.

As a patient, the difference between the posterior and anterior approach to hip replacement surgery is simply worlds apart. There has been substantially less disruption to my muscle tissues in the anterior approach. My right hip feels more stable 6 weeks after surgery than my left hip felt after 6 months with the posterior approach. With my most recent surgery I was out of the hospital in less than 24 hours. The threshold of pain, with 10 being high, from the posterior approach was 10 out of 10. In contrast, the threshold of pain from the anterior approach was never more than 1 out of 10. The quality of the two procedures is as dissimilar as is chalk to cheese. My quality of life is back at a faster and in a much greater measure. The comfort of my walking within only 7 weeks regulates the surgery mostly to a distant memory. The medication to manage pain was minimal and very short term. With my recent procedure from Dr. Barrett, the infection management has equally been top drawer! With my posterior procedure, I experienced infection which had to be managed with antibiotics at post surgery but there were no infection issues with this surgery. I would compare my pre and post care at the same level as I experienced with cardiac care at the Cleveland Clinic, high praise indeed for this organization.

People who know me may describe me as having an aptitude for being critical, but with this experience, I have only praise. Choosing Dr. Barrett for my right hip surgery was a no brainer. I am well expecting a sailing trip before the end of this winter with, hopefully, 20 mile and rougher winds in the offing.


Below is a great testimonial video from our patient Donald! He said, “From the first day I walked in here I had zero pain. Not one thing that was done to me in the hospital caused me any pain.” We’re so glad that we could help Donald with his hip pain and that he is now part of the POA extended family!


January, 2014

Dear Dr. Barrett,

I am so thankful for your talented surgical skills. My life has changed in so many wonderful ways since June 17th. The following are some of those ways: I can go for walks with my husband. I can actually enjoy washing dishes at the kitchen sink (washing dishes has never been my favorite activity. I think you did something magical to me when you replaced my knee!). I can do lots of cooking for family and friends and entertain in our home. I can work in my garden and greenhouse and take care of my bonsai collection. I can drive my car, a terrific Honda Civic with a sun roof. I was able to stay several days at Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop in October and climb lots of stairs. I will be visiting Maui, Oahu and Lanai (on my bucket list) in February. I’ll be flying to Chino Valley Arizona in the spring to visit our daughter and son-in-law. I‘ll be on a two-week cruise around the Greek Islands in September 2014. I can walk into Canlis on my birthday without a wheelchair, walker or cane. I can hardly wait!

My new mantra is: bless orthopedic surgeons everywhere, especially mine.



Thanks from a Mountain Climber

Dr. Barrett performed total knee replacements on both of my knees. They are not like original equipment, but they do work well enough for me to do this!



The Comeback Kid

I climbed Mt Adams on Friday, July 19, 2013.

This was a big event for me for 2 reasons. I am the “comeback kid” as I have had bilateral knee replacements and two rotator cuff surgeries in the last 3 years. At 62, I wanted to show myself (and my family) that I could still “do it.” Second, I climbed Mt Adams with my 14 fourteen old children. We all made it to the top! They were tired and I was exhausted.

Please let Dr. Barrett, Jana, and Katie know how much I appreciate everything that they did for me. It is hard to believe that it is 18 months since my surgery. You folks were the best. I will not forget you!

Warm regards,


Dear Dr. Barrett and Team,

You and your associates are my super heroes! Last week, during my vacation in Hawaii, I was able to enjoy hiking in the outdoors – 12 weeks from the time of my surgery! I hiked 2 miles in a canyon on one day and 2 days later hiked 4 miles along the coast. My recovery from the hikes were related to fatigue and not from knee pain. That was a first for me in a very long time – no knee pain! I cannot thank you enough for the quality of your work and helping me get back to a healthy lifestyle! You are amazing!

With much appreciation and gratitude,


Cliff, a VOA patient of Dr. Barrett who underwent bilateral knee replacements has documented his process via social media. Below is a video of Cliff’s progress 4 days after surgery. Yes, 4 days!

Cliff made another video 12 days later. In this video, Cliff shares what he felt 12 days prior to the surgery. He remembers walking to the mall and how painful it was to walk straight. 12 days after his surgery, Cliff looks healthy and has made amazing progress! Watch the video below to hear about Cliff’s experience between those 12 days.

Short video of my progress 12 days post op for bilateral knees. I believe my recovery is due to my hard work that I did to have the exceptional strength and stamina that I knew I would need for recovery. I have never had pain above a 4 while in the hospital and I am now working on cutting meds out. I usually take 2 oxycodene before bed and 1 tablet when needed during the day. My pain level while at home has usually been below a 2. I have my own martial art school and have been teaching over 33 years. I think the mindset was a huge factor in my recovery. I decided that I would wake up from the surgery with a smile and embrace the process with a positive attitude.

– Cliff

We also got an interview in with Cliff, which can be found below:

Martial Arts instructor, Cliff Lenderman, describes his quality of life prior to having bilateral knee replacement surgery on both knees as “bad”.

To compensate for the severe pain he felt in both knees due to severe Arthritis and a torn Meniscus, Cliff would hunch forward to compensate, which would result in aggravating back and hip pain as well.  Walking became impossible for him.

Mr. Lenderman consulted with a retired doctor and asked him to provide names of three surgeons who he would select if he had to get his own knees replaced. The doctor recommended Dr. Barrett.  After researching information regarding Valley Orthopedic Associates and Dr. Barrett, as well as receiving additional recommendations, Cliff met with Dr. Barrett for a consultation. He was impressed with Dr. Barrett and his staff and made the decision to prepare for surgery. Mr. Lenderman then began training for the surgery late in November in order to make certain he was physically strong for the surgery.

Since the surgery on January 28th, Cliff says his life is greatly improved.  He was up and walking 4 days after surgery. After 7 days he was back at work.  In three weeks, he was able to attend Hot Yoga classes, went bike riding, and continues his work as a Martial Arts trainer and will be married in April. Cliff is filled with gratitude over the results from his surgery, and the great care he received from Dr. Barrett and the supportive staff at Valley Orthopedic Associates.

3 Weeks Post-Operation Video:


Dear Dr. Barrett,

Thank you for taking my husband under your care and facilitating a very successful left total hip replacement outcome.

During his follow-up visit you asked him how he viewed his recovery with the anterior approach.  His response was very positive, but focused on not having to endure weeks of hip precautions.

As you know he had his right hip replaced ten years ago, utilizing a minimally invasive posterior approach at the University of Washington.

As a wife, post- op care giver and former nurse, I would like to say he did not begin to state the difference between the two procedures.  With this surgery I did not have to constantly be a nag regarding hip precautions, and despite Jim being ten years older, his recovery and ability to resume normal activities took about two weeks versus 8-10 weeks.  There simply is no comparison!

If you notice a sudden increase in appointment requests, it is because I am singing your praises and telling all; for joint replacement there is no better Surgeon.

Very Sincerely,


I want to thank Dr. Barrett for the change in my life. After a very long winter here in the Okanogan, I got to take a long walk (had to chase cows) as I headed down my driveway which is a 1/4 mile long. The old fear of the pain from walking was with me. I’m happy to say that it was not there. Thank you for fixing my hip. My critters appreciate it also.



I had total hip replacement April 3, 2012. I hit the slopes for the first time today since surgery. What a difference this new hip makes! Dr. William Barrett you are the best!!!!!!


January, 2013

I am 59 years old and have suffered for years with Oesteoarthritis in my knee due to sports injuries. I tried to prolong the life of the knee with cortisone and viscous shots but finally reached a point where my quality of life had deteriorated. I researched surgeons and made an appointment to see Dr. William Barrett. I am so glad I did! I was nervous and scared to be considering a total knee replacement but Dr. Barrett put me immediately at ease. He was friendly yet very professional in explaining my options. I am now 6 weeks post op and I am thrilled with the results. I am riding 5-6 miles on my recumbent bike, going up stairs without hopping or baby steps, and not enduring that knife stabbing pain in my knee. The whole process from Dr. Barrett’s professionalism, Valley Medical excellent facilities and staff, and the staff in the Joint Clinic has been wonderful. I am looking forward to traveling this year without pain pills and a walking stick! Thank you, Dr. Barrett!


Dear Dr. Barrett,

I just got back from my Physical Therapy session. I walked in, and I walked out. The other day, I stood at a window, (without having to use a walking aid or lean on someone) and watched the world go by. (I don’t remember the last time I was able to do that…a year…maybe more). I no longer have to go up and down stairs sideways, and yesterday I was able to put on my pants while standing up.

These may seem like insignificant things, but they mean everything to me. When you replaced my left knee, in Oct., my life changed. I was completely disabled when I went in for surgery, but when I came out my mobility had returned.

When you replaced my right knee in Jan., my whole world changed. You have given me the gift of walking. I can’t express my gratitude for what you have done. When my friends saw me walk, unaided, for the first time, a cheer went up, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We all thank you for what you’ve done Dr. Barrett.



Today marks my one week post op anniversary for my left hip surgery! I am amazed my pain is gone only tenderness in incision site.  I’m an old 70 year retired R.N. and recognize an outstanding medical office-which I found at your office from my first appointment! Dr. Barrett was an astute listener and great patient teacher – great written information to take home. When I became more disabled walking he scheduled my surgery for 11/13 Thank God – I spent a couple months in constant pain except for swimming water exercise everyday-until my surgery.  Katie is an outstanding communicator with patients, always promptly returns calls and answers questions with her great voice-upbeat sincere—and so efficient!  She’s a great healer just with her attitude and voice! –And Jana – talk about a smart, direct, vivacious partner for Dr Barrett. She patiently answered all my pre-op questions then visited in hospital daily with her positive and direct attitude.  She told me I’d do my 18 stairs to bed my first night home- I didn’t believe her – but so true!!  You have created a “Cadillac” orthopedic experience with your office staff and hospital nurses- PT-OT’s and aides.  I’m so blessed t be the beneficiary of your expertise.

Forever Gratefully Yours,


“My husband was going to have both knees replaced at the same time, pretty scary stuff. We live in Anchorage, but had a friend recommend Dr. William Barrett. We contacted his office and had xrays, etc. sent down to Seattle through our doctor, did all the paperwork needed, made the surgical appointment, then showed up the Friday before the next Monday procedure. Dr. Barrett put us both at ease. He was both professional and “real” all at once. No God complex, very down to earth, taking the time to answer all of our questions. His assistant, Kayte, was also so great during all the paperwork through email. We felt confidant going into the operation with Dr. Barrett, even though we’d just met him. The surgery went well, Dr. Barrett kept me informed of the progress of the operation and all went smoothly. The facility in Renton was outstanding. One whole floor devoted to orthopedic patients, all the staff were specifically trained for this and they were all wonderful. The hospital stay was only 3 days, then we stayed in town for another 2 weeks, going back and forth for physical therapy and doctor appointments. Progress was monitored well, as was pain management.

This is a very rough procedure, having 2 knees replaced at the same time. My husband worked hard to recover and Dr. Barrett’s staff, physical therapy, and Dr. Barrett himself all worked tremendously hard to achieve the results that were achieved. Today, my husband is glad that he went through the operation, and the knees, while not like they were when he was young, are much, much better!!

Thanks to all the staff at Dr. Barrett’s office, Proliance Orthopedics.”


Check out this wonderful testimonial video from a Proliance Orthopedic Associates patient! Cathy C. shares her POA experience through kind words about her knee replacement surgery and POA orthopedic surgeon, Dr. William Barrett. Cathy, as a part of our extended POA family, we thank you so much for sharing your story.

For more information about joint replacement surgery, please visit POA’s Joint Replacement page, which features links to both knee replacement and hip replacement information.


After years of painful arthritis keeping them from the activities they enjoy in life, VOA patients share their joint replacement journeys.

Edward James, a retired high school principal, lived with the pain of arthritis for nearly four years before deciding on surgery. He had his right hip replaced on March 31, 2008.

“When you can’t do the things you used to do, you start to get depressed,” James said. “You don’t think it’s that bad, but it really is. You get used to the pain.”

James researched the procedure online but it was word of mouth that made him decide on VOA and Dr. Barrett.

“They are well thought of in the community,” he said.

Before arthritis limited his activities, James was fairly active playing basketball, tennis and racquet ball. He completed master gardener training 12 weeks before surgery and now he’s back in his garden.

“Being retired, there’s lots for me to do,” James said. “Most of all, I can bend over and tie my shoes. I couldn’t do that before. I have a lot more flexibility.”


Even when military retiree John Clements was living with bone-on-bone pain in his right knee, he started his day at 6 a.m. and kept going until about 10 p.m. He lived with arthritic deterioration in his knee for 20 years.

Clements had his right knee replaced on June 23, 2008. He interviewed three orthopedic surgeons before deciding on Dr. Barrett and VOA.

“Dr. Barrett is the only one that asked me questions about my lifestyle before and what I expected to do after the operation. He was the only one interested in what I had been doing and what I wanted to continue to do,” Clements said.

Clements owns a construction electrician business. He is also a firearms instructor and works with the police, military and civilians.

“I’m very active doing many, many things. The thing that was limiting was the immobility in my leg. Now, I only have to work on strengthening my leg.” Clements said.

In addition to continuing to strengthen his replaced right knee, Clements is working on strengthening his left knee to prepare for replacement in October. If the left knee is built up before surgery, the recovery time should be faster.

After going through his first knee replacement surgery, Clements had this advice for anyone considering joint replacement:

“If you’re used to pain and you like pain, then don’t do it. If you want to get rid of the pain, have your knee replaced. There is no pain like bone rubbing on bone going through your body.”

Clements also said that after his surgery, his flexibility is coming back.

“There is no doubt in my mind I can have good flexibility and range of motion,” he said. “I’m not going to skip a beat.”


I am a Dairy Farmer, and I can’t say enough about how my double hip replacement, changed my quality of life. I tell everyone, and they see the results. I think the results, which are and were beyond my expectations, the best. I cant thank you enough. I have a couple of other parts that need work, cant wait to get back to POA to have things taken care of.



Dr. Barrett

As you can see I didn’t get a hip replacement just to play golf. In 2011, I’ve climbed over 44 trees, starting in May 2011, three months after surgery. This activity is all possible because of you Dr. Barrett and staff. Special thanks to Kayte for her professionalism and friendship. I will always be grateful to you Dr. Barrett for taking on my case with Dr. Routt and Dr. Tran at Harborview.

My life will never be the same, but it is better because of the people I’ve met on this journey.

Forever in our thoughts,

Joel Stefanski, Mindy, and family

“I am 64 years of age and on February 21, 2012 I had an Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement at Valley Medical Center. Choosing the right orthopedic surgeon to me was very important to a successful surgery and recovery. My primary physician referred me to Dr. William Barrett because he uses the “anterior” method and is regarded as the best. He also has led Valley Medical Center to be the leaders in “state-of-the-art” surgical techniques. When I met with him I found him to be personable, encouraging, trusting, passionate and most of all very knowledgeable. He took the time to answer all my concerns and questions and I felt I understood the procedures and recovery. When I left his office I felt confident I had the best orthopedic surgeon.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Barrett’s Joint Center team of nurses and therapists. From the time I woke up from surgery until the time of check out, the joint center staff was attentive and always friendly. From the nurses to the people who brought my meals (which were delicious), all were fantastic. Also a plus the rooms are like 4 star hotels. I had very little pain and was only in the hospital 2 days. My recovery at home has been very smooth with no problems. It has been 5 weeks and I am walking on my own. I highly recommend Dr Barrett for hip joint surgery.

THANK YOU to Dr. Barrett and your dedicated staff.”


Below is a great testimonial from Bob! Bob received a bilateral knee replacement by Dr. Barrett. We want to thank Bob for his recommendation and for being a part of the Proliance Orthopedic Associates extended family!


On May 19, 2008, Geoffrey had his left hip replaced after living with bone-on-bone pain for almost two years.

“All of the cartilage was gone,” Geoffrey said. “I ran track and raced jet skis. I just wore it out,” Newing said.

Like Edward James, Geoffrey’s joint replacement journey was a positive one. He was back to work two weeks after surgery and had no pain. Eight weeks after his surgery, Geoffrey vacationed in France.

“The only thing that hurt was my feet from all the walking,” he said. “I can’t believe I recovered so quickly. It was just tremendous.”

Although Newing recognizes the majority of people view hip replacement as major surgery, for him “the outcome of what I went through is minimal to get my quality of life back and do the things I enjoy doing.”




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