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Not all "Top Docs"
are in Seattle
17 are at POA!

We are excited to announce that we have 17 providers awarded the Seattle Met Top Doc designation. Proliance Orthopedic Associates is dedicated to helping patients receive quality treatment that is tailored to their individual needs. Innovation through collaboration: we apply our surgical and non-surgical expertise with the most current technology in each patient's diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Please enjoy FREE parking at
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Additionally, construction is now complete at our Talbot location, allowing for easy-access, convenient parking options. We thank all of our patients for your understanding during the construction phase and are pleased to offer these new free options.

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Policy Updates

As we see an increase in positive cases and hospitalizations, we have updated our policies to keep our physicians, staff, and patients safe. If you are scheduled for a visit to one of our clinic, urgent care or MRI locations, please follow these guidelines. If you feel unwell, please call to reschedule your appointment.


Find the care you need, when and where you need it, with the region's most comprehensive orthopedic care.


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I have lived a lot of my life with limitations.  Between genetic anomalies and sports injuries, I’ve endured knee pain for more than 25 years.  As time progressed, the pain got increasingly worse and the list of things I couldn’t do got...

- Caroline E.

// Andrew L. Merritt, M.D.

I had degenerative disc in my right hip and suffered for four to five years in pain with the last two or three years being unbearable. I couldn’t tie my shoes, sitting in the car was difficult, and I could no longer participate in yoga classes...

- John

// Andrew L. Merritt, M.D.

Getting a hip replaced is no easy deal, but having it done by Dr. Susan Cero of Proliance Orthopedic Associates made it go so smoothly and it was an overall great experience. From the first appointment, to the pre-op, to the surgery, to the...

- Heather

I had a hip replacement in September and am doing great. Dr.Cero and her staff were exceptional. Dr. Cero requested that the surgery and recovery would be a lot better if I was to lose some weight. I took her advice and extended my surgery a few...

- James

“I was diagnosed with a very sever rotator cuff tear and I was referred to Dr. Arntz from my doctor at MultiCare. I cannot be more thankful and blessed to have had Dr. Arntz perform my surgery. He is so dedicated to doing the best job he...

- Diane

// Craig T. Arntz, M.D.

Thanks from a Mountain ClimberDr. Barrett performed total knee replacements on both of my knees. They are not like original equipment, but they do work well enough for me to do this!

- Placeholder

// William P. Barrett, M.D.

At 83 years old, I was very frightened at the thought of needing surgery on my hip.  I haven’t had surgery since I was 6 years old, and it was not something that I wanted to go through at the age of 83.  I had been limping for over a year,...

- Joanne

// Andrew L. Merritt, M.D.

After a fall at the gym, Logan broke both his left radius and ulna. Dr. Cero’s work on Logan’s arm has helped him get back on the court.If you suffer a sports-related injury, such as an ACL or rotator cuff tear, or wrist or shoulder...

- Logan

Dr. John Howlett is awesome! I’m a traumatic brain injury patient; broken neck along with other injuries including my right hand was injured at the time of I was a passenger in an ATV accident.  I was flown from Yakima to Harborview in...

- Anita

// John Howlett, M.D.

I had injured my hip labrum 18 years before I saw Dr. Huang. At that point I was keeping pain under control using anti inflammatories but my limp was getting worse. I first saw Dr. Huang in February 2013 and when he asked what was a good date for...

- Jan C.

// Fredrick S. Huang, M.D.