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Testimonials for Susan R. Cero, M.D.

We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and helping all patients return to active and healthy lifestyles. Our orthopedic surgeons combine compassion with expert orthopedic care, building relationships with patients while relieving pain and increasing mobility and quality of life. Read what some of our past patients have to say about the Proliance Orthopedic Associates team.

Surgery is never fun.  After limping due to pain in both hips it was time to face hip replacements. At 71 I was reticent but my family practitioner Dr. Howard Miller referred me to Dr. Susan Cero.
I enjoyed Dr. Cero’s professionalism, knowledge of the latest technology and techniques and warm compassionate interaction.
Her staff is top notch and made sure I had every detail to make my surgery and hospital stay a success.

After my surgery the hospital staff was very attentive and caring. The post surgical follow ups and continuing guidance wrapped up the total picture of competence and  excellence in Dr. Cero and her staff.

Now three months post total right hip replacement I am scheduled for my left hip surgery.  I am looking forward to no hip pain soon thanks to Dr. Cero!

Getting a hip replaced is no easy deal, but having it done by Dr. Susan Cero of Proliance Orthopedic Associates made it go so smoothly and it was an overall great experience. From the first appointment, to the pre-op, to the surgery, to the post-op appointments, everyone was so friendly, accommodating and efficient.  And I believe that begins with the doctors and surgeons in charge. Thank you Dr. Cero! I will happily recommend you to anyone and everyone that possibly needs their hip replaced!


I had to have both hips replaced. Dr. Cero did both surgeries (four months apart). She did an excellent job. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. If you need a surgeon, I highly recommend Dr. Cero. She is amazing.


I had a hip replacement in September and am doing great. Dr.Cero and her staff were exceptional. Dr. Cero requested that the surgery and recovery would be a lot better if I was to lose some weight. I took her advice and extended my surgery a few months so I could diet. I lost 61 pounds by the time I had my surgery. My recovery was a lot better than I expected. The weight loss expedited my recovery time. I want to thank Dr. Cero and her staff. They were exceptional and I would greatly recommend her. Thank you so much.


I had a total left knee replacement in March 2017 by Dr. Cero. It worked out so well, I’m having the right knee replaced in January 2018. Over the previous 5 years, my activity level had fallen to practically zero. Because of the surgery I have lost over 30 pounds and hope to continue to lose more after the 2nd surgery. The increased mobility has changed my life.


I had full knee replacement surgery on my right knee by Dr. Susan Cero in July 2017.  I am extremely pleased with the results, it now has been six weeks, and I am able to get back on my bike trainer to rebuild my muscle tone and prepare for my left knee replacement in October. 

Dr. Cero and her team are highly professional and take a personal interest in your healing and wellbeing.  She is straightforward when discussing the procedure and potential outcome if you adhere to the PT regiment, which I did.

I’m enjoying doing activities that I was unable to do before the surgery.  Thanks again Dr. Cero! 


Thank you so much for being such an awesome caring Doctor.  I really appreciated your thoroughness and honesty about my knees!  I know more about my knees than ever before.  Thank you for the pictures and treatment.  My knees don’t keep me awake at night now!! God Bless Doctors like you!


She is awesome at what she does.


Easy to talk with and understands the long term pain of OA. Dr. Cero was right on the money about my knee and now I am pain-free.


Dr. Cero (and the entire staff) impressed me with caring directness, professionalism, friendliness, helpfulness and organization.

Melody G.

I had a really good experience with Dr. Cero and her staff. It was fantastic and I’ve had no problems since. I had so much pain when I went in and I wondered why I didn’t have this surgery three years ago. Everyone was really helpful.

I am in no pain now. I can sit, walk, put my socks on, tie my shoe, climb, walk the dog, and sleep. I couldn’t do those things before. For 2.5 years, I had a problem. Dr. Cero did one X-Ray and knew I needed a hip replacement. I have a doctor that knows what she is doing and her staff is great. It’s been the best thing I’ve ever done!


Linda Green discusses her anterior hip replacement and her experience with Proliance Orthopedic Associates’, Dr. Susan Cero.


After a fall at the gym, Logan broke both his left radius and ulna. Dr. Cero’s work on Logan’s arm has helped him get back on the court.

If you suffer a sports-related injury, such as an ACL or rotator cuff tear, or wrist or shoulder injuries, you can contact our orthopedic clinic or call us at 425.656.5060 to schedule an appointment. We want to help you get back to the activities you enjoy.


I am writing this letter to thank Proliance Orthopedic Associates and Dr. Susan Cero for making my joint replacement surgery a complete success. The surgery was performed on May 18, 2015. The outcome is much better than expected. The joint replacement surgery has been a life-changing event for me. After 5 years of seeking relief from the pain in my hip, I am finally free to enjoy an active lifestyle without the limitations caused by arthritis.

Dr. Cero took the time to understand my situation and concerns. She made an effort to establish trust and a personal connection with me as a patient. The experience was much more positive than my previous encounter with a service provider at a different health care facility.

I could not be more pleased with the professional doctor-patient relationship, level of care, facility, support staff and the outcome of the joint replacement surgery provided by Dr. Susan Cero and Proliance Orthopedic Associates.

Thank you,
Jana T.

Jana T.

Dear Dr. Cero,

It has been a long journey from shattered clavicle to age division National Champion! Thank you & your team at Proliance Orthopedic Associates so much for being my partner in recovery!

I appreciated our discussions about the pro’s and con’s regarding surgery and your honest assessments of rehabilitation time tables.
I had a non-displaced broken clavicle in 1992 and it was 100% in 12 weeks.This time around was plate and screws which you accurately informed me would recover at approximately 10% per month even though I wanted it healed up yesterday.

Best wishes in 2015 and hopefully all our future communication will be for coffee or a high five after a big win!! If it does goes bad I know you’ll be there to put me back together!

Thanks again,


Dear Dr. Cero,

Just wanted to let you know that my surgery is just beautiful. My doctor, who is Dr. Hatfied, that had done my hip was very pleased with the x-ray. He said you did a real good job. How about that? He took more x-rays last week and its healing beautifully. I now put a little pressure on my foot when I walk with the walker. It feels great. I go to the swimming pool every day and walk in there and exercise my knee- Can’t thank you enough for doing such a wonderful job. You are a super doctor. I told you I would let you know. Again many thanks. It’s great to be home.

Your patient from Arizona


I visited the Proliance office in severe pain. Forty years ago, I had been in a terrible car accident as a teenager where my hip was dislocated and had been walking with a limp for the past 10 years. It was getting harder to ride my bicycle and just getting around without pain. It might have been the hip, might have been the back or a combination. I wasn’t sure.

When I went to Proliance Orthopedic Associates, I was treated with compassion and medical expertise. Doctors reviewed my x-rays and MRI. It was great when Dr. Cero said to me: “You deserve a new hip!” She performed the surgery and followed up with me. After 8 weeks, I was walking without the hip pain and was looking forward to getting back on my bike.

In addition, the Joint Center had a very amazing, positive healing atmosphere. All the staff was genuinely interested in my care and success.

Thanks to the expert surgery and follow-up of Dr. Susan Cero and her very kind, helpful associates.

Juan S

Dr. Cero has successfully operated on my youngest daughter Rebecca, my wife Lyn, and me on five  occasions. I had three “industrial incidents” that created much pain in my left knee on one occasion and my right knee on 2 occasions. After surgery I felt like a million dollars! I’m so pleased to be able to walk pain free, and there are virtually no visible scars on either knee.

In January of 2012 Dr. Cero replaced my left hip, and in June of 2013 she replaced my right hip. These were a direct result of arthritis that I inherited from my mother. Both surgeries went perfectly and now, in October of 2013, I have no pain in either hip.

The skill and ability that Dr. Cero possesses is nothing short of amazing! To say Dr. Cero is a gifted surgeon would be an understatement. I can only imagine the countless hours it took to become such a very accomplished surgeon. In my opinion, Dr. Cero is most definitely an angel sent from heaven, and I have been blessed to be her patient.


Dear Dr. Cero,

I never thought I would be excited about doing housework, but I am! Last fall my pain levels were so high, I was counting every step I took, and weighing if the movement was going to be worth the pain. Life had come to a stand-still by the time we scheduled the first of two hip replacement surgeries. Not even my favorite activities were endurable. Hiking, camping, walking, gardening, painting and working…I was down to minimum movement. Two days after the first hip replacement I was able to walk a football field and a half, and it has only gotten better in the following months thanks to you and your wonderful team! I am a 58 year young woman with new hips! It has been so worth the surgery and the healing to be able to be back on track!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Today I had an appointment with Dr. Cero. It has been 6 weeks since I had a total knee replacement on my right knee. At this appointment, Dr. Cero was very pleased with my progress and mobility, and lack of pain. The physical therapists are also amazed at how well I’m doing in such short a time.

My right knee began bothering me about a year and a half ago with severe pain in the joint and shooting pains down the front of the leg. My doctor put me in PT, but the problem continued to get worse. An X-Ray was taken and showed no cartilage in my right knee, and about half in my left. Then an MRI was done that also showed torn meniscus in both knees. My right knee was the worst of the two.

I met Dr. Cero when I brought my daughter to see her for a hip problem. Her kind and compassionate manner with my daughter really stunned me, as other doctors would not offer any hope for my daughter. She did, explaining what my daughter needed to do, and then a new hip would be done for her. We both left in tears, knowing that there was hope for her to have this problem fixed. I told my husband about Dr. Cero, and he suggested I go to her for my knee… Which I did.

Dr. Cero replaced my right knee on Aug. 26, 2013. Today I am pain free, and have more mobility than ever possible a year ago. Before surgery, I could not spend time with my grandkids…we have 5, 4 of whom are under the age of 12. No zoo trips, no overnight stays, no shopping, no beach time, etc. My quality of life was getting worse, and I was getting depressed, spending hours in the recliner icing my knees. I could not attend their baseball games, dance recitals, or horse riding events. I could not drive more than 10 minutes without such severe pain I would be in tears. I could not care for my youngest grandson who is a delightful toddler. I was no help to any of them, and missing out on so very much. I finally decided to get this knee replaced… I’d had enough.

Today I am almost dancing!! I am on my way to being an involved grandma once again! I can drive, shop, play, and walk without a limp or pain! The holidays are coming, and I will enjoy them with my family without worrying about how far I have to drive or walk. I don’t need handicap parking anymore either. I’m loving my new knee, and as my leg continues to heal, I know it will grow in strength and ability.

Dr. Cero and her entire staff are absolutely wonderful to work with. I had every phone call returned on the same day, and every encounter was encouraging and helpful. The surgery was a complete success, and thanks to their encouragement and guidance, I will enjoy life again. That recliner stays empty most of the time now…because I’m too busy enjoying life again!

Thanks for letting me share my story,


Thank You Dr. Cero

I am 88 years young, and before my knee replacements, I couldn’t travel or even manage the gas pedal. Now I teach a senior body conditioning class five days a week! Thank you, Dr. Cero, and staff at Proliance Orthopedic Associates!



Thank you so much Dr. Cero for putting me back together.




- Kerry, Future Bike Racer!!!

To: Valley Orthopedic Associates
Care of: Dr. Cero,
Joint replacement is a serious decision in one’s life. But when you consider the pain of bone on bone and the quality of life you give up every day you put this decision off you will never regret having it done. Getting used to pain is really ‘giving up on your activities and quality of life.’ You get depressed without even knowing it because you aren’t doing what you enjoy because of pain. The reality is you don’t even recognize what you have given up prior to the surgery until after surgery and you get YOUR own life back.

For me, researching the procedure was a must in order to best mentally and physically prepare myself for this big decision. Next came researching doctors, their process and their reputation in the field and community. Last but certainly not least was investigating the hospital the orthopedic surgeon chose to use for operations.

I selected Valley Orthopedic Associates, Dr. Susan Cero for my surgeon. It was the best decision of my life. I had bilateral knee surgery, both knees replaced at the same time. Her professional bedside manner, the process she subscribes to for pre surgery preparation and post surgery care is phenomenal. She wanted to know my lifestyle before surgery and my expectations after surgery. This made a huge impact on me and definitely helped me make my decision. At 4 weeks after surgery I was walking without a walker or cane and back on the road to a wonderful recovery. The truth is Dr. Cero was right, what you put into your recovery is what you will get out of it! I would do this surgery again in a minute IF I had to and I’d request Dr. Cero and Valley Orthopedic Associates. My only regret is I waited for too many years before having it done.

Thanks Dr. Cero for giving me back a quality of life I have been missing.



Dr. Cero,
When you gave me my new knee, you took ten years off of my age and my daily life and outlook improved. My wife Betty, daughter Pat, and granddaughter DeDe were all relieved. Your wonderful, warm conversation gave us so much information about what to expect that I decided to move forward with the operation. Your staff and the hospital are so caring and cohesive. Dr. Vanbodegom has always recommended doctors who are good, and he certainly sent me to one that is. Thanks more than I can say for a wonderful human being like you.


Thanks for your genuine concern, kindness, and professional care of both Shizue and me. Highly appreciated. God bless and keep you and yours.

Willie and Shrizue

Dr. Cero,

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave to my grandmother, Rita.  Our Whole family is very appreciative.  She is a wonderful lady. It’s so hard to watch bad things happen to her.  Your kindness and of course your skills as a wonderful surgeon were great to have on our side! You are great and we just can’t thank you enough!

Danette, and the entire family

Thanks to Dr. Susan Cero, I can walk up any high school stadium or gymnasium in this entire area to watch the football and basketball games I see all year long. No pain in the knee at all and the operations on both hand add to the enjoyment.

Dr. Cero is a great surgeon and a great person. I have sent several patients to her office.

Football & Basketball Scouting & Research

Ron Siegel

Dr. Cero, and Brenda,

We are both so thankful that I was referred to your office. You are wonderful, so kind and caring, and so willing to help. I really appreciate the quick diagnosis-you ordered just the right tests so we can quickly get this cancer under control. Again, thank you with all of our hearts.

Karen and Doug

Dr. Cero,

I have been really late in saying thank you to you, for your care of me and my knee. It has now been 17 months since my surgery, and I am so thankful for your skill as a surgeon in repairing it to its full use! Thanks also for the care in follow up!
Thanks again,


Dear Dr. Cero,

You are an excellent surgeon. Both of my surgeries, on my leg and arm went smoothly. For a woman turning 80, I give you a lot of the credit. You prepared both my family and me for both of the surgeries and gave me excellent care afterwards. Your bedside manner has been warm and straightforward.
Thank you Dr. Cero, for not only the great care you gave me, but also for taking the time to share a bit about yourself.


Ramona Wolfe

Dear Dr. Cero. Our Hero!!

I have tried many times to find the words to say how much you have improved George’s ability to walk. Every step he takes I think of you with excitement. How can I express our profound gratitude in the future of George’s freedom to walk. With gratitude our hearts are happy as we live the rest of our life together. A great big thank you, they are such simple words but they mean a lot. Georges 82nd birthday is the 24th what a gift you have given him and me!

Forever thankful
Gin and George

Gin and George



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