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Testimonials for Fredrick S. Huang, M.D.

We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and helping all patients return to active and healthy lifestyles. Our orthopedic surgeons combine compassion with expert orthopedic care, building relationships with patients while relieving pain and increasing mobility and quality of life. Read what some of our past patients have to say about the Proliance Orthopedic Associates team.

Thank you, Dr. Huang and staff at Proliance Orthopedic Associates for providing excellent care with my knee surgery!


I cannot express enough how positive of an experience I had with Dr. Huang. I had a right knee replacement about 6 years ago which had become increasingly inflexible. Very frustrating. I made an appointment and he explained some fairly new arthroscopic techniques at removing the scar tissue that was preventing my knee from bending properly. He is an excellent communicator and the surgery has proven life-altering as I have roughly 45 degrees more bend in my knee now. Highly recommended.

Pat C.

First I want to say how thankful I am that my husband talked me into having my knee replaced. Of course he had some help from the doctor who replaced both his knees – Dr. Fredrick Huang. I had been suffering with terrible knee pain, putting off even thinking about a total knee replacement, but then the pain became intolerable. That is when my husband took me to see Dr. Huang who showed me the bone on bone X-Rays. No wonder I was in such pain. The surgery went off without a hitch and I thank Dr. Huang for his skilled hands and the outstanding personnel assisting him in the operating room. I am looking forward to the healing process to be over and I can continue my activities again. Thanks to Dr. Huang and his team.

My husband and I have been confined in the hospital many times over the past 15 years and have had exceptional nurses, good nurses, and a few that were not so good. During my recent stay (March 1 – 4) on the 5th floor of the Joint Center, at Valley Medical Center in Renton, WA, I had the most outstanding nurse of all my experiences in hospitals. Oksana (swing shift nurse) was very knowledgeable, caring, friendly, and made my husband and I feel that her comfortable demeanor was going above and beyond what I am sure, was required of her. She is not only an outstanding nurse but also a decent human being. VMC is very fortunate to have Oksana as one of their nurses.

The overall care I received in the hospital was wonderful. Debbie, the day nurse, would brighten up my day each time she entered my room. She too, provided outstanding care and was very attentive to my needs and well-being.

Too many times I hear about how bad doctors and nurses do their jobs. Dear Abby has many letters from folks who experience so-called inattentive and sloppy care. I just want to recognize Dr. Huang, his staff and the nurses of the Joint Center, for the outstanding skills and care they provided me.

Margaret W.

Letter of Appreciation for Dr. Huang

I happen to have the opportunity of having you do a left hip replacement for me after the first one failed. It was after hours and you were the on-call Orthopedic Surgeon. You took extra necessary steps to stabilize my hip and I have had no problems since.

A few years later it became necessary for me to have a total right knee replacement after I fell and did extensive damage to my knee cap, ligaments, tendons and had three additional fractures in the bones above and below my knee. You skillfully repaired the damage I had caused and once again you took extra necessary steps to lengthen my right leg so that it is now even with my left.

I was blessed to have been put into your hands to repair my hip. It was because of that experience that I chose to have you do my knee replacement.

It has been a long time since I have had the pleasure of experiencing any medical personnel who actually takes time to know their patients injury, then take all required steps to ensure a satisfactory outcome for the patient.

I have to say, I was unexpectedly surprised when you called my hospital room to talk with me to see how I was doing, after an event which had the potential of causing long term health conditions, or death.

Although you have PA’s and there were other on call doctors and nurses who most likely were able to handle the event, it is my understanding that you were personally involved with my care until I was out of danger.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that you are not only a skilled Orthopedic Surgeon, who makes himself familiar with the injury of each patient you treat, but then prepares himself for any extra procedure beneficial to the patients recovery and future wellbeing. You show an honest concern for your patients and explain everything so it is easily understood before and after surgery. Then you take the responsibility of engaging yourself in the patients care and wellbeing prior to leaving the hospital and during follow-up appointments.

I have a great deal of respect for you as an Orthopedic Surgeon, as well as a person. I am grateful that you chose to be engaged with my care while in the hospital and for checking up on me after the event. I know how busy you are.

Just for your information, I have mentioned all of this to other doctors in various positions, as well as others and it appears what I have expressed in this letter is a shared feeling of respect for you as a physician and a person.

-Debra Barber

Debra B.

I had injured my hip labrum 18 years before I saw Dr. Huang. At that point I was keeping pain under control using anti inflammatories but my limp was getting worse. I first saw Dr. Huang in February 2013 and when he asked what was a good date for surgery I said November. He gasped and said you can’t make it that long. Since pain was being managed at that point I just laughed and said I didn’t have time before that so we left it that I would see him again in August to start looking for a date in November. BIG MISTAKE. I should have believed him that the pain was going to get worse. By August I was in so much pain that I wanted the surgery right then but he was booked until late October. I had the surgery on October 23rd (4 days before my 60th birthday – Happy Birthday to me). That was a Tuesday, I went home on Thursday and went out and walked a half mile on Friday. By Monday I was up to a full mile and life has only gotten better since then. Dr. Huang was fantastic, he agreed to doing the surgery from the anterior position which is the only way to go. No restrictions to movement afterwards and very quick recovery. Thanks to everyone at Proliance and Valley Medical.

Jan C.

Jan C.

Fabulous Freddy gave me a new hip and I couldn’t be happier with results. No pain, full range of motion and no activity restrictions. Life is good!

David M.

Dear Dr. Huang,

There is nothing more precious to me than being able to go and do things with family and not have to sit every 15 minutes because my knees hurt. I walked a whole fair and never once had to sit down! I can now stand in one place for hours without pain when before I could only handle about 15 minutes. I am SO happy!

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have the gift of these new knees! To those who hear that I have had knee replacements, and are on the fence about having it done, I tell them “DO IT!” I have given several people your name and tell them you are the best! Hope you don’t mind!

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for giving me my life back and my legs to walk with! I am going to try a 5K next year!

Most sincerely,


Dr. Fredrick S. Huang

I can’t tell you enough what a different person Chad is lately. He’s swimming and biking a lot, and slowly adding more activity. He is so much happier when he’s not in pain. I didn’t really understand the daily pain he dealt with prior to surgery. I know he’s still in the recovery phase, but so far it’s a remarkable improvement!

He’s on track to start school again Sept 23rd and back to work on October 7th, then hopefully back to some of the sports he loves.

I am not sending this to you as a POA employee, but rather the Mom of your patient. Your expert care, compassion, stellar surgical skills, and understanding of what Chad hoped to accomplish from this surgery were the best we could ask for.

Jessica is also easy to communicate with and accommodating as well, you are a good team.

Thank you for everything you do,

Angie (Mom of patient)

Dr. Huang and Medical Team,

Since my surgery last October 2010, I wanted to share my adventures on the road to recovery and provide photo evidence. You cleared me to start getting back into jogging at 16 weeks post-up.

April 2011 (24 wks) : SEAHAWKS RUN – Finished my second 5k. Paced at 10:16/mile.

June 2011 (32 wks): SEATTLE ROCK n ROLL – Finished my FIRST half-marathon – 13.1 miles in 2 hrs & 22 min. Paced at 10:54/mile.

July 2011 (35 wks): WARRIOR DASH – You probably wouldn’t have wanted me running on this kind of terrain, but I was able to compete in a 5k obstacle course, consisting of things like scaling walls, climbing ropes, running/crawling through mud, under barbed wire, and jumping over fire. Finished in 42:56, 12:16/mi. Slower than I wanted, but considering the obstacles, and almost 10,000 people that participated that day, I finished in the top 15% of my age group & in the top 25% overall.

Although I wouldn’t say my knee feels 100% back to normal, I’m super happy to have been able to accomplish what I have, less than 9 months post-op, and I’m still looking forward to returning to high-impact activities.

There IS life after ACL surgery. I certainly didn’t feel like it at first, but if you get any other whiny patients like me who get discouraged after surgery, let them know that in 8 months they’ll be able to run competitively in a half-marathon. They won’t believe you, but then you can bust out my picture and say, “Well, this girl doesn’t even LIKE to run and she did, so you can too.”




Thanks again. 🙂


Dr Huang,

Our daughter, Katie, was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia her senior year in high school, on Sept. 24th, 2011. She endured chemotherapy, 6 months of treatment and worked hard to be able to come back and play basketball for her school. In the midst of her treatment she was named a McDonald’s All American Basketball player, Seattle Times Basketball Player of the year, and signed on to play on the University of Washington’s Women’s Basketball team.

As she was preparing for her Freshman year at the UW, she tore her ACL, MCL and meniscus. We were all devastated after all that she had already endured.

Katie had several choices of doctors to see, and to perform surgery on her. We made an appointment to see Dr. Huang after several of our Dr. friends recommended him, and after seeing other orthopedic surgeons. Katie was so impressed with Dr. Huang’s opinion, graciousness and kindness. She immediately made her decision to have Dr. Huang perform the surgery, knowing that she would be well taken care of and receive the best of care.

We have been so pleased with the outcome of her surgery, the care she received, and the progress Katie has made over the last several months. Her trainers at the UW are very impressed with her results and how well she is doing.

Looking forward to next year as Katie takes the floor for the UW Huskies!!!

Thank you Dr. Huang, Tina and the VOA staff!!

Katie's Mom

I’m back to work one week after arthroscopic knee surgery. Many thanks to Dr. Huang and his team for a job well done!! Everyone from the front office to post-op follow up has made this process incredibly smooth! Your professionalism is truly impressive. Thanks again!!!


Like a lot of people it was easier to deal with knee pain than to face a total knee replacement. I did this for nearly 15 years. When the cortisone shots stop working last year I called Dr. Fredrick Huang and told him I was ready! From the very beginning through post surgery follow-ups I was very well informed of every detail of the pending surgery and recovery process. All people I came in contact with was extremely helpful and informative whether it be Dr. Huang, his assistants, the nurses and staff at The Proliance Orthopdic wing, the physical therapist, massage therapist and all other people involved I was so incredibly cared for. These professionals made this an incredibly easy process and relatively painless. A little uncomfortable at times but pretty painless! Now I am doing all the things I want including hiking and playing golf (walking) pain free. If and when the time comes that I experience pain in my left knee I will not hesitate to have a total knee replacement with Dr. Huang and his staff performing the procedure. Thank you Dr. Huang for the pain free life I now enjoy.

I had been having trouble with my right shoulder for a couple of years and tried non-surgical alternatives. When I slipped on my deck and landed hard on my right shoulder I ended up in VMC emergency, where the doctor referred me to Dr. Huang. Dr. Huang had test done and found I’d badly torn both bicep tendons, had another tendon damaged and torn the bicep and would require surgery. I had had a sports related rotator cuff repair on the same shoulder about 20+ years ago and it took two months to be able use my right hand for simple tasks, and I was worried about not being able to at least type and travel as my job require a lot of both. Dr. Huang did the surgery and I started limited physical therapy the day I came home. Within a day I was able to work on my computer in a sling, kicked the meds after a week so I could have a clear head (not for the faint of heart) and was traveling and working at client sites in no time. In the second week I was brushing my teeth and shaving with my right hand, after a month of aggressive physical therapy, I had regained about 80% range of motion and tossed the sling and could do everything except carry more weight than a coffee cup, open doors, etc. It has been six weeks now and Dr. Huang, his great PA Andy and my physical therapist say I have made exceptional progress, as in out of the norm. I am still amazed and am grateful to Dr. Huang, Andy and his team. My friend had surgery on the same shoulder repairing far less damage and is blown away at my recovery…he was still locked up in a sling and just beginning physical therapy after over six weeks. I attribute my recovery to better surgery techniques, an aggressive physical therapy routine and being VERY careful…continually pushing the pain limits without munching meds, but not pushing to the point of risking reinjury. I was lucky to get referred to Dr. Huang.



Due to the fact I injured my knees severely when I was young and playing sports. I was in need of total knee replacement for both knees. After exhausting every non-invasive way of providing relief I went forward. I am in my mid forties and after finally completing both procedures, I cannot express the thanks I owe to Dr. Huang and his associates. No matter what the problem or condition, I was cared for like family. So there was no question when I needed my rotator cuff repaired; Dr Huang carried out the work and I recovered in no time at all.

My Thanks to Dr. Huang his PAC Andy and the VOA staff




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