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Testimonials for Andrew L. Merritt, M.D.

We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and helping all patients return to active and healthy lifestyles. Our orthopedic surgeons combine compassion with expert orthopedic care, building relationships with patients while relieving pain and increasing mobility and quality of life. Read what some of our past patients have to say about the Proliance Orthopedic Associates team.

At 83 years old, I was very frightened at the thought of needing surgery on my hip.  I haven’t had surgery since I was 6 years old, and it was not something that I wanted to go through at the age of 83.  I had been limping for over a year, which prompted me to go into Proliance Orthopedic Associates to see Dr. Andrew Merritt. My experience with Dr. Merritt right away was a great one, he was very pleasant, made me feel extremely comfortable, and he exhibited thorough knowledge which made me extremely confident in his abilities as my surgeon. He showed me my images and took a great deal of time explaining them to me, and helping me understand my condition, as well as my options. His treatment plan for me did include surgery, which I was expecting, and after meeting with him, my fears of surgery quickly diminished.  The surgery went exceptionally well!  The next day I was very mobile, walking with a walker for the next four days.  I only needed to take ONE pain pill after surgery and that was in the hospital.  That was it; I didn’t need any other pain medication my whole post-operative timeframe, because I was feeling great!  After using a walker for four days, I was able to switch to cane, which I used for three weeks.  My surgery was a couple months ago and I’m already back on my exercise bike, working out!  I am so happy that I came to Proliance Orthopedic Associates to see Dr. Merritt for my care.  I would recommend Dr. Merritt to anyone needing surgery, or orthopedic care in general; he is truly “Mr. Wonderful”.  I couldn’t be happier with my results, especially at my age.  Thank you, Dr. Merritt and Proliance Orthopedic Associates for providing me great medical care.


Joel discusses his wife’s chronic pain, hip surgery and road to recovery with Dr. Merritt.



Thank you so much for the awesome job you did on my detached hamstring last November.  I just got back from a 250 mile bike ride that included two mountain passes.  I was able to climb a 400’ mountain pass and a 2950’ pass with no problems.


The surgeries I received in 2016 were a major shoulder surgery from Dr. Arntz in April and a total knee replacement in June by Dr. Merritt. I was referred by Dr. David Sweiger who took the time and interest to try to help me. So glad I switched to UW Medical for my health needs. As the days go on, I am continually grateful for the lack of pain that I had been living with. Although still not like new and probably never will be I remain ever so thankful. During my pre-surgery post-surgery visits, I was treated without prejudice by staff and doctors. Mind you, I look pretty rough wearing bib overalls and a tank top along with kind of long hair. I am always clean. Owning a small business I work with owners and developers and frequently notice when people look down on me and judge me by my looks. They don’t know I am professional. Never once did I feel looked down upon by the Doctors or Staff. I come away from Proliance with great respect and appreciation for how they treat people and the great work they do. 

Jay S.

Caroline E.

Dr. Merritt did my knee surgery for me (torn meniscus) the surgery itself was quick and painless and I was walking on my own same day, I went back to work only 4 days later.

Jacob H.

I have lived a lot of my life with limitations.  Between genetic anomalies and sports injuries, I’ve endured knee pain for more than 25 years.  As time progressed, the pain got increasingly worse and the list of things I couldn’t do got longer.  I had x-rays, MRIs, various injections, a bilateral lateral release, multiple periods of physical therapy and periodic visits with assorted orthopedic surgeons to discuss advances in surgical techniques.  By the end of 2015, my kneecap became severely unstable and most forms of exercise and even everyday walking were challenging.

In early 2016, I explored my options again and found out that a Patellofemoral Arthroplasty would be an excellent option for me.  It is a far less common procedure than a Total Knee Replacement.  Only one compartment of the knee is replaced and several strict criteria have to be met to qualify.  This limits both the number of viable candidates and the number of surgeons who perform the PFA. 

Over the course of several months, I did research on the procedure itself and saw three different surgeons.  Dr. Merritt inspired confidence right away.  He is skilled and compassionate, taking all the time I needed to answer my questions before, during, and after the surgery.   He made me feel extremely comfortable and encouraged an open dialogue at every step.  

The morning after my surgery, Dr. Merritt was at my bedside to check on me.  At my post-op appointments, he was thorough, kind and always had a good sense of humor.  The entire staff at Proliance has always been considerate, courteous, communicative and professional. 

It has been more than six months since my surgery, and I am incredibly pleased with my results.  I am reaping the rewards of all the hard work I put into my post-op physical therapy, which is necessary to get optimal long-term results. 

This past winter was the very first one I can remember where my knee wasn’t painful and it was incredible.   I can exercise, hike and bike and live my life.   I’m thrilled to see what I can accomplish now without limitations.

I am 100% certain I made the right choice.  A great big pain-free thank you to Dr. Merritt!

Caroline E.

I was in pain for five years before I came here. I could hardly walk because the pain in my back, butt, and leg was so severe. I went to my doctor who did some tests, and finally, he told me that I needed a hip replacement. I had my left hip replaced years prior at a different office, and the experience was awful! I ended up having to repeat the surgery on the same hip three times! So when I was told that I needed my right hip replaced now, I was happy that my doctor had suggested Dr. Merritt, at Proliance Orthopedic Associates. Dr. Merritt did my hip replacement and I’m so happy he did. The surgery was a great experience and went a lot smoother than my first experience (which was at a different office). I can walk up and down stairs, and drive, and I’m very excited to go fishing this year once fishing season starts! It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to go fishing and I can’t wait. Thank you, Dr. Merritt.


I was living in constant pain, 24 hours a day for years! Before I met Dr. Merritt I was always limping and was limited on the activities that I could do with my young daughter, especially after a full day of work. I had seen other doctors who told me that I was too young for treatment, and then I came to see Dr. Merritt and am very glad that I did. I had my right hip replaced with Dr. Merritt and the difference is night and day! Its just six weeks out and I’m doing great! This was a life-changing experience and I’m very happy I came to see Dr. Merritt. This has been a great experience and I recommend Dr. Merritt to anyone who was in my similar situation.

Abeslin C.

I am very pleased with the results of my hip replacement surgery last July, 2015. One of my primary goals was to hike with my husband again, and I’ve been able to do that! We have hiked in California, Arizona, and many other states this winter – hikes from 1-6+ miles, with elevation change. I am very grateful to Dr. Merritt and Proliance. Thank you!

Ramona H.

I am now biking 20 miles and have signed up for the MS ride in September. I am running more and more, and have also been rock climbing a few times this month. My knee is feeling better and better. I am very thankful for the care I received from Dr. Merritt.

-Julie Johnston

Julie J.

I take this time to share with you feedback about my experience with Proliance Orthopedics. Over the course of time, I worked with doctors and physician assistants at Proliance to address problems associated with my hip and back. Dr. Chilczuk, Dr. Howe, Jana Flener, and Jennifer McCoy offered great information, explanations and strategies for care. And finally, there was need for a hip replacement. Dr. Merritt was my surgeon.

In a single word I can convey my experience – outstanding!

The support staff at Proliance was helpful as I worked my way through the checklist of things needed before my surgery. From pre-op to post-op, I felt my fears dissipate under the care of Dr. Merritt and Jennifer McCoy. They explained things thoroughly, answered the myriad of questions I had and helped me feel comfortable and confident. Today I am walking normally, have resumed almost all activities and most importantly, have no hip pain. Awesome!

My recovery was enhanced by my immediate post-surgical experience at the Joint Center. It was very clean and orderly, and everyone who came into my room always left things in good order. Food ordered from the café dining was very good, delivered hot, well presented and tasted good, too. The room was very clean, spacious and provided the right balance for patient privacy and access by those providing care.

And most importantly, the Joint Center had great people. From the two nurses who helped prepare me for the procedure to the many who provided care in the Joint Center itself to the physical therapist, all were simply outstanding. They were highly service and care oriented – asking questions, listening to my responses, encouraging and guiding me as I learned to navigate following surgery and in preparing to go home. I am a curious sort of person and asked plenty of questions about the “what” and “why” of things, and I always received a response that helped me to understand things as a patient.

Just this morning I saw Dr. Merritt for follow-up. I am doing great and he said “see you in a year.” Thanks to everyone at Proliance for their outstanding care and support.

-Joy Krison

Joy K.

Dr. Merritt performed a hip replacement on my dad, who was then 90, in the spring of 2015, using the anterior approach.

In my opinion, this surgery saved my father’s life. At the time, he was spiraling downhill on several fronts. Because hip pain hindered movement, he developed pressure blisters. He rapidly lost strength, developed electrolyte imbalances, and exacerbated heart problems. Through all this, his principal complaint was hip pain, but by this time he was so weak that he had a difficult time finding a practitioner willing to perform the surgery.

We were very impressed with your alliance with other practitioners to address other issues and strengthen my dad so that he could bear surgery. With a few weeks of special attention, he was strong enough for surgery.

The results of the surgery exceeded our family’s most optimistic hopes. Recovery from surgery was rapid. Other medical complaints diminished. When asked how his hip feels, my dad has to think twice, because he no longer includes it in his assessment of how he feels.

The overall arc of my dad’s health and strength has been steady improvement over the past eight months. The trajectory of my dad’s health is totally reversed. He’s 91 now and walks without a walker or cane. His main focus is his next outing to a movie, play, opera, ballet, lecture, etc. and on his family and social life.

I told Dr. Merritt that I wanted to provide a testimonial because I had no idea that my dad’s life and strength would be on the upswing as he passed his 91st birthday. I understand that my dad is one of the oldest surgical patients Dr. Merritt has had, and perhaps the oldest for a hip replacement procedure. If this particular result is any guide, I think it bodes well for anterior hip replacement in appropriate cases for 90+ year-old patients.

I want to personally thank Dr. Merritt for his professionalism and exceptional care for my father.

Richard Berley

Richard B.

Firstly, I can’t express in writing or words my gratitude and thanks for Dr. Andrew Merritt. Dr. Merritt’s surgical skills and genuine / sincere care demonstrated for his patients’ orthopedic wants, needs and desires is quite remarkable. Outstanding actually!

Secondly, it is patently obvious that Dr. Merritt has a considerable investment in time and expense in acquiring his special skill set. However, it is my opinion that his patients are the beneficiaries of that investment. Dr. Merritt’s education, training, intellect and genuine passion for what he does shines through. Thank goodness for the Dr. Merritt’s of the world possessing the surgical skills they do. Dr. Merritt’s dedication to his patients and his professionalism is a credit to Proliance Orthopedic Associates as well as the American health care industry.

Lastly, the manifestation of Dr. Merritt’s skill is my quick recovery from two arthroscopic knee surgeries and getting back to the healthy lifestyle I enjoy which includes hiking, mountain climbing, backpacking and hunting in the wilderness. I’m pain free, understand what the problem was and know enough (now) to modify my activities to reduce future problems.

My recommendation is to retain and promote Dr. Merritt. He is a credit to his peers, profession and his tribe should advance and prosper.

Michael Q

Everything went very well and I was happy with it all, especially Dr. Merritt. I played golf within 6 weeks and am walking 1.5 miles a day now.


I can’t believe I waited this long. I can walk on uneven ground and I have no pain. Normally I had to watch my knee and where I stepped, but since the surgery, I can walk normally. I’m very happy now, I can walk fluidly and also play with my dog. Dr. Merritt is a good doctor. I like him.


I am very pleased with the results of my hip replacement surgery last July, 2015. One of my primary goals was to hike with my husband again, and I’ve been able to do that! We have hiked in California, Arizona and many other states this winter – hikes from 1–6+ miles with elevation change. I am very grateful to Dr. Merritt and Proliance. Thank you!


Superstition Mountains, AZ

Image Two


August, 2015

As a 64 year old active male who has been in pain for the past couple of years, I scheduled an initial appointment with Dr. Andrew Merritt. I immediately had confidence in his ability to “help” me with getting back to my regular lifestyle which included my passion – golf. After reviewing my x-rays and conducting some tests, he diagnosed arthritis in my left hip and suggested hip replacement surgery. He thoroughly explained the anterior hip procedure and what the expected time-lines for recovery were. My expectations were met or exceeded by Dr. Merritt and every member of his staff. The professionalism and courtesy they exhibited was incredible and made my experience memorable. I am now walking pain free and could not be more pleased with my decision to choose Dr. Merritt and his staff and all involved at Valley Medical Center. Thank you for the fantastic care!



I am a 77-year-old female on whom Dr. Merritt replaced my right hip on March 25, 2015. Surgery went well and his staff were very patient and professional when I did not cooperate too well when I was coming out from the anesthesia!

I went home the following day. My recuperation also went very well and I was up and around in a few days with minimal pain.

Dr. Merritt is an excellent surgeon with a great personality. He has an excellent, well trained, professional staff and I would recommend him highly.

E. Arlene M.

I was referred by someone whose coworker had surgery by a different surgeon from Proliance Orthopedic Associates. When I was ready to schedule my appointment, that particular surgeon’s schedule was full, so I saw Dr. Merritt instead.

Based on my experience with Dr. Merritt, I can’t imagine how anyone could be better. I came in because my left hip was extremely painful from arthritis. I had felt on occasion that my hip actually had popped out of joint. I was uncomfortable for some time, and couldn’t enjoy my usual hiking and walking activities.

Two years prior, in Arizona, I had my right hip replaced with the posterior approach. If I were to rate my satisfaction from that surgery with a 10 being high, I would give it a 6-7. Comparatively, after just two months out from my left anterior hip surgery by Dr. Merritt, I would rate my satisfaction at a 10. In fact, I currently have more flexibility in my left hip, than I do in my right. In addition, only nine days after my recent surgery, I was able to put my walker in the closet and haven’t used it since. I can even walk without a cane 99% of the time.

As impressed as I am with Dr. Merritt’s surgical expertise, I am equally astonished by his ability to deal with me. He likely has the best mannerisms I’ve experienced in a lifetime. He’s an incredible gentleman with the ability to take ample time to explain everything. His bedside manner and considerate care is completely top rate. In fact, everyone I dealt with at Proliance Orthopedic Associates, from scheduling on through, has exceeded my expectations. The entire office is stellar. It’s been an excellent experience for me all around.

Although I don’t anticipate a need for surgery again, if I do, I know exactly where to go. Thank you Dr. Merritt, and Proliance Orthopedic Associates.


I first injured my shoulder when I was lifting an electric motor. I felt a pop and immediate pain. The pain was so limiting, I knew I really injured my shoulder. At my first visit with Dr. Merritt, I was very impressed. He really listened to me and my story of what happened to get a full understanding of my injury. He gave me realistic expectations and was very supportive throughout the entire process.

When I went in for my surgery at the Ambulatory Surgery Center, the staff was very professional and great. The surgery went great and I felt like I was progressing well. By my first post op appointment, I was already in less pain than I was before the surgery. I only attended one Physical Therapy session, and decided that route was not for me. I have been doing my own exercises at home, and have already gotten almost all my range of motion and strength back. I am now 6 months out from my surgery.

Overall I would rate my experience with Dr. Merritt a 10/10 and would highly recommend him to others.


I injured my right knee and ankle while racing motocross back in August of 2014. I was trying to ‘look young’ and ended up colliding with another racer and landing on my right side. I went to Valley Medical Center where I was placed into a knee immobilizer. I came to Proliance Orthopedic Associates about a week later and first saw Kristen, PA. I was in so much pain but didn’t realize just how bad I had injured my knee. She then had me follow up with Dr. Merritt. He was very respectful, and reassuring, but most importantly, he was honest. He was very up front about the extent of my injury and how difficult the recovery may be. I really appreciated him and how he helped me through the entire process.

I underwent my first surgery on 1029/2014 where Dr. Merritt performed a Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Reconstruction, a Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL) Reconstruction, Reconstruction of the Popliteus Tendon, and Peroneal Nerve Neurolysis. As expected, I had a rough time for the first few weeks following surgery but Dr. Merritt was very reassuring that it would get better. I did extensive physical therapy for a few months after surgery, and overall, I ended up healing better and faster than expected. I am now 7 months out from surgery and feel great. I feel like I am ready to get back to racing, but know I still need to let my knee finish healing. I am very pleased with Dr. Merritt and his staff. I would definitely recommend him to others.


I came to see Dr. Merritt after a frustrating experience with another surgeon. I was scheduled for a total knee replacement with a surgeon at a different hospital and the surgery got cancelled when I was in the pre-op area. The day of surgery it was cancelled and with no explanation. I was very upset. Then I came to see Dr. Merritt at Proliance Orthopaedics the next week. When I met with Dr. Merritt in January, he was very straight forward with me about my weight. He explained to me that because of my weight, I was at greater risk of complications during surgery and he would not do the surgery until my weight was down. This was something the previous surgeon did not explain to me. Although I was upset I wouldn’t be able to have my knee replaced right away, I was thankful for the information that Dr. Merritt provided.

Gretchen, my physical therapist, recommended the “POP Program*.” The “POP Program” is a pre-surgical optimization program to help with teaching and encouraging weight loss and health to get you better prepared for surgery. It is designed for patients with arthritis who have difficulty with exercise but need to lose weight. Having struggled with my weight, I had already tried several weight loss programs. At first I saw this as just one more thing that wouldn’t work. I started in the POP program the following week after meeting with Dr. Merritt. Since starting the program, I have not missed a single week. We meet on Wednesdays for lectures and see the nutritionist every 2 weeks. Angela, who is the main person running the program is absolutely fantastic. She is so encouraging and helpful and offers the best advice. I go to the gym every single day and also have a personal trainer to help me with my goals at the gym. I did the 21 day cleanse as recommended by Angela, and I am very happy with my results. I drink nutritional shakes, which at first weren’t the greatest things, but after getting tips on ingredients to add to them, I have begun to really like them and they help suppress my appetite. This entire program is based around encouragement and accountability. I really believe it is worth the money and effort.

I am now down 25lbs since starting the program in late January. I feel good, and am very pleased with the results. I just met with Dr. Merritt again and I am now able to schedule my total knee replacement because my weight is much better. He has explained that this will make my surgery safer and the results better. I plan on continuing the POP program up until my surgery, as well as continuing the physical and nutritional plan afterwards to keep bettering my health. Additionally, my husband has lost 29lbs in the process because he has been following along and doing the program. This has changed the way our family makes decisions and we are now living a healthier way of life.

I would highly recommend this program. It has been such a great, positive experience.


In November 2014, my step son was getting married and all I wanted to do was be able to walk down the isle and be able to dance at his wedding. Fortunately, I was able to do these things, but due to the pain it was difficult. The pain I felt in my hip was very limiting. I could barely walk, it was just horrible. I previously consulted with a different orthopedic physician from another office and I did not like him. When I first came to this office, I saw Jana Flener, PA-C, who I really liked. I also saw Olivia Kenyon, PA-C, and she was great as well. Jana Flener, PA-C referred me to see Andrew Merritt, MD for a consult to have surgery performed on my left hip. When I met Dr. Merritt, I absolutely loved him. He is such a great doctor.

When I was in the hospital for the surgery, all of the staff who had helped me were the absolute best. They clearly knew what they were doing. They even showed me the operating room before I even went in there.

After surgery, I felt great. My pain was minimal. I was able to ditch my walker 3 days after surgery. Soon after that, I felt like I didn’t need my cane either, but my Physical Therapist recommended I walk with it for a little longer, which I did, and I just felt great. I returned to work just one month after surgery.

I no longer have pain. I am able to dance, walk, and even tried running. I feel amazing. I have been calling this a ‘drive-through surgery’ since the recovery was just so easy. Dr. Merritt did an amazing job and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering having their hip replaced.


The anterior approach hip replacement surgery I had was a wonderful experience for me. I suffered from an awful hip with severe pain which bothered me for a long time. I was practically unable to walk. The anterior approach to a total hip replacement gave me no pain at all. My son is a nurse, and we were grocery shopping five days later and he said, “Mom, do you realize you just had hip replacement surgery?” I replied, “No. I don’t even think about it.” Dr. Merritt is an excellent surgeon and has a very good bedside manner as well. As far as I am concerned, it’s a total miracle.


I had degenerative disc in my right hip and suffered for four to five years in pain with the last two or three years being unbearable. I couldn’t tie my shoes, sitting in the car was difficult, and I could no longer participate in yoga classes or play golf. I had to walk off the course it became so unbearable. My quality of life became so compromised and I exhausted every alternative method to cope. On February 26th 2014 I had the anterior approach to hip replacement surgery with Dr. Merritt and it was a miracle. He is wonderful, and talked through it with me every step of the way. His patient report is excellent. He has an excellent demeanor. The whole experience was amazing from the entire support staff, and nurses; the care was outstanding. Within three weeks after surgery I was playing golf again and now can walk 9 holes already. I have already recommended others to Proliance Orthopedic Associates, even other doctors.


POA patient Betty, 89, recently received hip replacement surgery from Dr. Merritt. She details the discomfort that led to her decision to schedule orthopedic surgery and her experience at Proliance Orthopedic Associates. Her peers call her “the bionic woman” because of her speedy recovery following hip surgery. We couldn’t be happier to hear that Betty is feeling so much better.

“I’m so glad I had that (surgery) done. How could I live with that hip as it was? And Dr. Merritt did such a great job.”

POA Patient Betty

To Dr. Merritt,

On a Saturday in April of 2014, I had climbed a step ladder to reach a bowl from a cupboard. Somehow, I forgot that I was on a ladder, and fell. I couldn’t get off the floor and had to call for help. I had fractured my hip.

That Monday, I had a right hip replacement performed by Dr. Merritt. By Wednesday, I went to a rehab center and was walking with a walker and the nurse said in jest, “You know, you’re going too fast with that walker!” Sunday, less than a week later, I was enjoying a nice dinner out at a restaurant!

I felt no need for pain pills and had no pain whatsoever within three days of surgery. Within two weeks, I was walking without a cane. My friends and family are pleasantly surprised to see how fast I recovered from the accident. My brother, who had posterior approach hip replacement surgery decades before me, took far longer to recover than I did with the anterior approach. Dr. Merritt and his staff were great and so nice. I am pleased that I went to Proliance Orthopedic Associates for my care.

(This video is from 6 weeks post operation.)



It was the day that my left knee collapsed under my own weight for no apparent reason that I realized that I could no longer ignore the pain in my knees. That moment came as a complete shock to me because I’ve been active all my life. I played sports through high school and college, and still skied and golfed regularly. It’s just been the past two to three years when the pain started creeping into my knees. Naturally, like most men, I ignored it and simply wrote it off as part of getting older. But to have my knees buckle like they did, told me that I (finally) needed to seek help.

I made an appointment with Proliance Orthopedic Associates because they did such a great job on my thumb when I broke it in a skiing accident. An MRI scanned my knee to reveal that, although a little worn down, there was still plenty of healthy joint tissue to keep me going. Dr. Merritt quickly assessed that I had simply let my leg muscles grow weak over time. (This probably occurred while I was focusing only on my “guns” at the gym.) He told me that most people hate working on their legs and core muscles, so neglect to exercise them properly and regularly. Doctor Merritt further explained that if one or more groups of muscles are weakened, other muscles will pick up that load. This will then cause a mis-alignment in the joints resulting in, as in my case, the patella to be pulled out of its natural position and will wear down the cartilage. He suggested that I try physical therapy before even considering a surgical solution. I agreed and began with two sessions per week.

It was quite humbling at first because right away, I got a good picture of just how weak my legs were. Granted, the trained physical therapists worked me pretty hard – at least I thought so. But within two to three weeks, I started feeling measurably stronger and the aching in my knees began to subside. I am still in physical therapy, and probably will continue to work on my legs from here on out. But that’s okay with me. My knees have stopped hurting and the strength in my legs is back!

I am so glad that I didn’t rush right into some sort of surgery. I look at it this way: after the surgery, I’d still be facing a long regimen of physical therapy in order to get back onto my feet. This way, I just skipped the surgery part. Thanks, Dr. Merritt and the Proliance Orthopedic Associates team!

Patient and Fan,



I’m a 57-year-old guy who has worked desk jobs for the past 30+ years. I’ve been active my whole life. I enjoy playing various sports such as baseball, basketball and soccer, and outdoor activities such as long distance running, skiing and backpacking.

In the past four years I’ve had three different knee issues due to incidents on the soccer pitch. Once it was my left knee, twice it has been my right knee. I’m the kind of guy that ignores minor aches and pains, hoping they’ll go away on their own. The pain in my knees got so bad I had to see doctors at Proliance Orthopedic Associates for help. I’ve had X-rays and MRI’s on each of my knees. The X-rays revealed minor issues with bone spurs, but no major problems. The MRI’s revealed no major damage to my meniscus or ligaments. Why then do I have so much pain?

The answer is something like “Runners tend to have weak hips and glutes, and tight IT bands. People with desk jobs tend to have muscles that don’t get stretched enough. Over time the combination leads to pain in the knees, even though there is nothing major wrong with the knee.” The cure is physical therapy, working to stretch and strengthen specific muscles.

Three times now I’ve had orthopedic surgeons tell me I don’t need surgery, I need physical therapy. Within two months of therapy, my knee pain is gone and I’m back to playing soccer and running the trails in Soos Creek Park. This time I am going to remember my lesson and keep up with the exercises I was taught by the physical therapist.

The physical therapist does more than just work the prescribed actions. In my case the therapist identified several mechanical problems in my walk caused by my body adapting to pain and learning new ways to do things. I had to learn to walk up and down stairs again, because my adaptations were prolonging my pain. In addition, the therapist worked with me on my foot work so I could avoid the motions in soccer games that caused the most recent injury. Finally, therapeutic massage can be somewhat painful at the time but the resulting release in tight muscles is well worth the pain.

I’m glad the doctors at Proliance Orthopedic Associates prescribed conservative, non-invasive measures (performed by a separate organization) to deal with my knee pain, rather than expensive procedures that would benefit their firm’s bottom line.


Dear Dr. Merritt:
ClaytonI am 77 years old and had been fighting a steady decline and use of my right knee due to continuing pain for several years. I tried various treatments that were temporary at best. Several of my friends had gone through a similar surgery at Proliance Orthopedic Associates with very positive results and suggested that I contact your orthopedic unit. After consulting with you and your team, surgery was scheduled.

First, I want to thank the Anesthesiologist on your team for keeping anesthesia at a level that would not interfere with my heart. We knew that I was an “at risk” patient and his expertise helped insure a successful surgery. Next, thank you to your PA, Kristin, who was very knowledgeable in answering any questions we (my wife and I) had regarding the surgery and care after surgery. She was a pleasure to work with!

Now, to you Dr. Merritt. Thank you! The moment we met with you, you gave me total confidence in your abilities. Your demeanor of confidence and your personality put us right at ease. The surgery was a total success as far as I’m concerned. The recovery pain was less than I expected, and I was back out on the golf course seven weeks after surgery! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I can golf again without pain.

I have attached a picture of me at the golf course, taken on April 19, 2014. I played 9 holes on the 19th. From that time, I’ve been playing 18 holes two to three times a week.

Please feel free to use this testimonial to your abilities as a surgeon to anyone that is considering knee replacement.

With Our Thanks,

Clayton and Joann

Clayton and Joann

We spend our summer months traveling so I put off going to the doctor until June of 2013 when I was having so much pain that we had to cut our travel plans short and had to return home. I was told that I needed a total hip replacement, but I pushed back the surgery, as I was not comfortable with the doctor I had seen. Finally, after being in such terrific pain for an additional 7 months, I went to Proliance Orthopedic Associates and saw Jana Flener in January of 2014. She confirmed that I needed a hip replacement. By that time I couldn’t wait any longer to have the surgery and Jana made an appointment for me for the following week with Dr. Andrew Merritt. Jana had recommended the anterior approach as there is a much faster recovery period; the muscles are not cut; and there is no chance of a hip dislocation. My son-in-law had 2 hip replacements, and he strongly recommended that I also do the anterior approach, as he had a hip dislocation after his surgery that had been done from the posterior (not at Valley POA). His second hip surgery was an anterior, which he said was a much faster recovery and not a chance for dislocation. I also had two friends that had the anterior surgery done through Proliance Orthopedic Associates and they were both very satisfied with their results.

I had my surgery on January 15 2014, and I remember getting into our Jeep SUV on the way to the hospital. It always caused me pain every time I had to get into the car because SUV’s are so high. When I left the hospital two days following my surgery and got into the car coming home, I was amazed there was no pain. I couldn’t believe it! I would say this surgery is a piece of cake, but maybe I shouldn’t go quite that far. Before surgery, I was in such pain that I was unable to go out of the house, and my husband had to do all of our errands. After surgery, I was able to drive in three weeks, go grocery shopping, and do all of the things I had been missing for so many months. I simply did five minutes of easy exercises 2x’s a day at home. My recovery period was so much faster and less pain than I had expected. I only used one third of the pain pills I was given as I could easily get by with just Tylenol.

I would highly recommend Proliance Orthopedic Associates to anyone that needs hip or knee surgery and I loved Dr. Andrew Merritt! He explains things so you can understand, he takes time to listen and is very caring and compassionate, with a great bedside manner, and it doesn’t hurt that he is so good looking! And I can’t say enough about Jana Flener who assisted in my surgery. In fact, they will be doing a knee replacement for me in the fall.




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