Proliance Orthopedic Associates


At age 61, I experienced increasing pain in my right knee caused by arthritis on the inside of my knee. X-rays indicated bone on bone contact. Dr. Andrew Merritt recommended a partial knee replacement on the inside of my right knee. He advised that a total knee replacement was not needed because the center and other side of my knee were in good condition. A partial knee replacement can be performed as an outpatient surgery and the recovery time is much less. On May 10, 2019, Dr. Merritt performed outpatient partial knee replacement surgery on my right knee. At two and half months I went salsa dancing and hiking on camping trips. At one year I go for long walks twice a day every day with no pain. The parts of my right knee that were not experiencing arthritis and were not touched because the surgery was only a partial knee replacement, continue to be healthy and have not progressed toward any arthritis condition. I am grateful for Dr. Merritt's skills.

// David McCleary

I was [at Valley Medical] in December for back surgery -- this hospital is a 5-star from admissions through to surgical. Everyone was unbelievable. I've never had surgery before and I'm convinced that if I ever need surgery again, I would run to this place. I've never been more comfortable in handing over my life to a team that's truly professional in every way. A big shout out to Dr. Thompson of Proliance Orthopedic Associates, who performed my surgery and who put my mind at ease. He has got this and you're in the best possible hands. This space is definitely the place.

// Valley Medical Center Patient

As a repeat customer of POA, I knew that i would be cared for in a kind, efficient manner after I broke my arm skiing. I received excellent care for the a second time! Dr. Shrivastava listened carefully to my concerns and questions. His excellent skills put my shattered arm back together with 3 plates and many screws. The x-rays really are amazing! Additionally, the medical assistant staff have always been ind and efficient and the office staff have been respectful and quick. I will continue to recommend POA to friends and family!

// Lynette

Dr. Shrivastava performed shoulder surgery on me that eliminated my chronic shoulder pain and provided me with a better quality of life. Dr. Shrivastava was incredibly personable and left me feeling very informed about my upcoming surgery. The medical staff at POA were very personable throughout the entire process and the front desk staff were also very helpful. After my experience with Dr. Shrivastava and the entire team at POA, I would absolutely recommend my friends and family to this practice!

// Gerald

Dr. Shrivastava is a very kind, gentle and wonderful surgeon who tells it like it is! I love him! He put my arm back together, which has allowed me to continue to go camping and do all of the other things you would typically take for granted. I have a newfound respect for the human body. Additionally, the medical assistant and office staff have been wonderful. They are pleasant and kind and really take the time to listen to you as a patient. Hopefully I wont be breaking anymore bones, but if I do, I know I'll be back with POA!

// Debbie

Dr. Alton is great!  He takes time to talk to you and find out what is wrong and works hard to find a solution to your problem.  He is friendly and actually works on you himself.  I currently am a patient and I have been extremely satisfied.  I look forward to his solving my medical problem with my knee.

// Pat

Now this is a physician I’d recommend to my friends! I initially saw Dr. Alton at that end of November for a very painful left hip, saw him again yesterday after six sessions of P.T. for follow up and cortisone shot. I am very happy with how comfortable both he, and nurse Leah had me feeling during my appointment and especially liked how he looked me right in the eye as he was addressing me.

// Gladys

I am 63 years old and I have four children and 15 grand kids. I have seen a lot of doctors over the years. Dr. Arntz is awesome doctor. From the first time I met him he was very professional and very caring human being. My shoulder surgery, from beginning to the end, was an awesome experience. I would recommend Dr. Arnts to anyone I know. Note: Dr. has operated on myself my wife and and will be operating on my mother in-law as well. I give Dr. Arntz “A+”.

// Danny

Dr. Arntz, thank you so much for all that you have done. You took my pain away and helped so in many other ways. I cannot thank you enough!

// Cyndi

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Arntz. I am a 75-year-old woman and heard several people say that I was too old for this surgery. WRONG! From my first meeting with Dr. Arntz to discuss my debilitating shoulder pain, he accurately diagnosed me with a completely torn supraspinatus tendon which was confirmed by MRI. I proceeded with the surgery in Proliance outpatient center and, while the discomfort was intense for several weeks, the results 3 months later are rewarding and no more pain.

// Joyce D.

Dr. Arntz is knowledgeable and skilled at his craft. He obviously cares about me and takes the time to make sure I understand my situation.

// Nene

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Arntz. I am a 75-year-old woman and heard several people say that I was too old for this surgery. WRONG! From my first meeting with Dr. Arntz to discuss my debilitating shoulder pain, he accurately diagnosed me with a completely torn supraspinatus tendon which was confirmed by MRI. I proceeded with the surgery in Proliance outpatient center and, while the discomfort was intense for several weeks, the results 3 months later are rewarding and no more pain.

// Joyce D.

I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you and your staff for the very pleasant experience I received on my hand surgery. I have had several surgeries over my lifetime and I can honestly say, that I have never been treated with such care and kindness. For that, I want to say a special thanks to you and your staff. Many times older people do not receive such consideration and kindness.

// Stuart V.

Thank you for being a wonderful surgeon and all your support you have provided to me through the rehab of my shoulder. You truly make a difference!

-S. Sun D.

// S. Sun

I just wanted to send a little note to thank you for such an amazing job you did on my shoulder and rotator cuff two years ago. It’s like it never happened! I talk to people who had the surgery and years later they are still in pain…I say, “wrong doctor!”

Thank you again for taking such good care of me.

// Laurel M.


I am pleased to provide this testimonial for Dr. Arntz. I have never met such a patient-centered, kind, and caring surgeon. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. My rotator cuff repair was fairly difficult, but Dr. Arntz put everything back together perfectly! It is wonderful to have my left shoulder functioning again without the constant pain that I was feeling before surgery.

// Steve P.


Dr. Arntz is caring, congenial, has excellent bedside manner, and is very knowledgeable. He explained the procedure in terms I could understand. I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Arntz. I would recommend him highly.

// Jan E.

I have never met such a patient-centered, kind, and caring person. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. My rotator cuff repair was fairly difficult, but Dr. Arntz put everything back together perfectly! It is wonderful to have my left shoulder functioning again without the constant pain that I was feeling before surgery.

// Steve

I had a shoulder replacement done by Dr. Craig Arntz. He is a fantastic doctor and a very caring man. I was reluctant to have this operation for several reasons. I have had several joint operations in the past, and not with the best results. Because of Dr. Arntz’s skills and caring attitude, my shoulder is much better.

Thank you,

// William

Dr. Arntz is straight forward gets to the point without a lot of hupla. He is very courteous, well mannered and a overall great doctor. He replaced my shoulder (total) replacement, did such a great job I already have 85% use of it and its only been 13 weeks. I would recommend him to anyone who would need his services.”

// Raymond

Dr. Barrett replaced my left knee two years ago. I am able to hike hills, go to the gym, and do everything I did before I had terrible knee pain. Dr. Barrett was recommended by several friends, and, in doing my research, he was touted as the best orthopedic doctor around. I had my surgery and he was friendly, professional and skilled. I have recommended him to many of my friends. He is the best.

// Cathy S.

From the first appointment to my follow up seven weeks after hip surgery, everything that I experienced was very professional. My surgery was perfect and my recovery was phenomenal! One week after surgery I was walking without a walker or cane. I am now back to doing things that I couldn’t do prior to surgery and I am biking daily. I highly recommend Dr. Barrett and the surgical technique he uses!

// Kenneth B.

My name is Rebecca and I’m a patient of Dr. Barrett. I couldn’t be more thrilled about the success of my hip surgery. The whole process was an enjoyable one, from start to finish. I appreciated all the friendly and helpful faces at the clinic. Then at the hospital for my surgery, everyone was wonderful. It really couldn’t have gone better. I was in pain for four years and this has been life changing.

// Rebecca E.

Dear Dr. Barrett, Kayte, and Olivia,

We’ve had a week of skiing here in this gorgeous area of Lech Zuers and St. Anton. Over 94 lifts-miles! My new hip of October 2012 and knee injections allowed for 6 straight days of skiing -thanks so much.

// Corinne

I want to thank Dr. Barrett for the change in my life. After a very long winter here in the Okanogan, I got to take a long walk (had to chase cows) as I headed down my driveway which is a 1/4 mile long. The old fear of the pain from walking was with me. I’m happy to say that it was not there. Thank you for fixing my hip. My critters appreciate it also.

// Kris

I am a Dairy Farmer, and I can’t say enough about how my double hip replacement, changed my quality of life. I tell everyone, and they see the results. I think the results, which are and were beyond my expectations, the best. I cant thank you enough. I have a couple of other parts that need work, cant wait to get back to POA to have things taken care of.


// Allan

I thought carpel tunnel was going to be alot of trouble but all I had was a little pain the 2nd day. Thank you Dr Barthel and Kasye for fixin me up.


// Robert

Dr. Barthel is simply the best. Not only is she a gifted hand surgeon, she does all the tests required to give her all the information she needs, then patiently explains all the options, then together, we decide what the right course of action is. I have recommended her to everyone I know who is having issues with their hands, and all have been as satisfied as I am. I am very lucky to have Dr. Barthel as my surgeon!

// Judy

I had to have both hips replaced. Dr. Cero did both surgeries (four months apart). She did an excellent job. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. If you need a surgeon, I highly recommend Dr. Cero. She is amazing.

// Deborah

I had a total left knee replacement in March 2017 by Dr. Cero. It worked out so well, I’m having the right knee replaced in January 2018. Over the previous 5 years, my activity level had fallen to practically zero. Because of the surgery I have lost over 30 pounds and hope to continue to lose more after the 2nd surgery. The increased mobility has changed my life.

// Lynn

Thank you so much for being such an awesome caring Doctor.  I really appreciated your thoroughness and honesty about my knees!  I know more about my knees than ever before.  Thank you for the pictures and treatment.  My knees don’t keep me awake at night now!! God Bless Doctors like you!

// Heidi

She is awesome at what she does.

// Rod

Easy to talk with and understands the long term pain of OA. Dr. Cero was right on the money about my knee and now I am pain-free.

// John

Dr. Cero (and the entire staff) impressed me with caring directness, professionalism, friendliness, helpfulness and organization.

// Melody G.

Thank You Dr. Cero

I am 88 years young, and before my knee replacements, I couldn’t travel or even manage the gas pedal. Now I teach a senior body conditioning class five days a week! Thank you, Dr. Cero, and staff at Proliance Orthopedic Associates!


// Eileen

Thanks for your genuine concern, kindness, and professional care of both Shizue and me. Highly appreciated. God bless and keep you and yours.

// Willie and Shrizue

Dr. Cero,

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave to my grandmother, Rita.  Our Whole family is very appreciative.  She is a wonderful lady. It’s so hard to watch bad things happen to her.  Your kindness and of course your skills as a wonderful surgeon were great to have on our side! You are great and we just can’t thank you enough!

// Danette, and the entire family

Thanks to Dr. Susan Cero, I can walk up any high school stadium or gymnasium in this entire area to watch the football and basketball games I see all year long. No pain in the knee at all and the operations on both hand add to the enjoyment.

Dr. Cero is a great surgeon and a great person. I have sent several patients to her office.

Football & Basketball Scouting & Research

// Ron Siegel

Dr. Cero, and Brenda,

We are both so thankful that I was referred to your office. You are wonderful, so kind and caring, and so willing to help. I really appreciate the quick diagnosis-you ordered just the right tests so we can quickly get this cancer under control. Again, thank you with all of our hearts.

// Karen and Doug

Dr. Cero,

I have been really late in saying thank you to you, for your care of me and my knee. It has now been 17 months since my surgery, and I am so thankful for your skill as a surgeon in repairing it to its full use! Thanks also for the care in follow up!
Thanks again,

// Cindy

Dr. Chilczuk is very compassionate and does not hesitate to share his knowledge of your problem and his solution for it. He acknowledges patient concerns and questions with appropriate responses.

// Jane T.

WOW!!! Dr. Chilczuk is great. In September I had injections in my spine for Spinal Stenosis. Today I had shots in my facet joints. This is the first time in many years I have been pain free. Dr. Chilzuk is patient, knowledgeable and also fun!!! He has such a good doctor/patient report. I am so glad I found him and would never hesitate to go to him again. He is AMAZING!!!

// Linda

I had my back surgery 5 years ago I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. Dr. Howe did a surgery where he but rods and bolts in my back it took about a year to recover. I can now do everything I did before except skiing. Thank you, Dr. Howe, you gave me my life back. You were real prompt on appointments, you also would check my grandsons Dylan’s back just to make him feel you cared about his back. I have recommended you to my friends with back problems.

// Doug S.

Dr. Howe is very professional and personable with your care. I have referred many family and friends and will continue to do so.

// Wayne

I spent one year hardly able to walk. For three months I needed a cane to standup, it was then I knew I must try to find a solution. My doctor Toulouse suggested I see doctor Howe. Doctor Howe decided to do L4-5 STENOSIS and L4-5 LAMINECTOMY. He did this procedure on March 24th and now nine weeks later I can walk without a cane. I am so grateful to him for this gift!!! He gave me my life back.


// Jewell

Dr. Howlett is great!  He has good communication, information, and is very patient with my questions.  He is friendly, has a great demeanor and is very refreshing.  Thank you!

// Sandra

I recently suffered a bad wrist fracture at work requiring surgery. Dr. Howlett and the surgical team were very professional both prior to, and after my surgery. I had a consultation with Dr. Howlett and his assistant Zach before my surgery which put my mind at ease as I was very apprehensive about my prospects for a full recovery due to the compound damage to my wrist. People like Dr. Howlett are miracle-workers, in my view, who have the knowledge to help our bodies heal right.

// Paul B.

I came to Proliance Orthopedic Associates when I was having a trigger finger problem.  Everyone here from the nurses to Dr. Howlett was so friendly and helpful. The surgery was quick and easy!  The nurses made me feel very comfortable and commented that they loved having me as a patient.  The recovery is going well.  I am thankful for the staff here and can’t think of anything bad to say. 

// Jean M.

All of the doctors here are wonderful! Dr. Howlett is very charming and soothing. When I came into the office I was worried about my wrist problem, but this excellent group of people make you feel comforted and well taken care of. I would recommend Dr. Howlett to anyone I know, his approach and personality is quite lovely. He makes you feel at the top of his list and very important. I feel very comfortable at Proliance Orthopedic Associates, there is a great sense of “team” at this office.

// Suzanne B.

Dr. Howlett is very sweet and well mannered, I loved having him as my doctor. I’m very happy with the surgery he did, and my recovery is going amazing. I would 200% recommended ANYONE to go see him. I also want to thank all of the people here for being marvelous and very sweet. Scheduling was easy, the office was easy to get to, and I never had to wait. I have no complaints at all, everything was great. Thank you.

// Sandra R.

My experience was great, from talking with the receptionist to my surgery with Dr. Howlett. I had surgery in both hands and the whole process was very easy. His medical assistant was very nice and explained everything to me which made me feel comfortable. I am very happy that I came here to see Dr. Howlett and I recommend him to everyone!

// Alice W.


As I nursed my broken elbow I told my friend I needed a doctor who was extremely kind, empathetic, and optimistic. In walked Dr. Howlett with a big smile and a realistic, but encouraging diagnosis and treatment plan. My many questions were answered with respect and I always felt heard and understood. Dr. Howlett and the staff at Proliance were refreshingly friendly, efficient and helpful. Their smiles and kindness make such a difference. My longest office waiting time was 5 minutes!


This is a long overdue “thank you” for my trigger finger release procedure almost a year ago. It was an amazing success, and I am able to play tennis and perform my court reporting duties pain-free! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer.

– Jane

// Jane

I had a very good experience with my doctor and staff. They are friendly and care about me. I got suggestions and my doubts were cleared when I asked questions. I am healed now. Thanks to Doctor Howlett and staff Sheryl. Mary, one of the cast techs, also took good care of me.

// Mothukuri P.

I cannot express enough how positive of an experience I had with Dr. Huang. I had a right knee replacement about 6 years ago which had become increasingly inflexible. Very frustrating. I made an appointment and he explained some fairly new arthroscopic techniques at removing the scar tissue that was preventing my knee from bending properly. He is an excellent communicator and the surgery has proven life-altering as I have roughly 45 degrees more bend in my knee now. Highly recommended.

// Pat C.

Fabulous Freddy gave me a new hip and I couldn’t be happier with results. No pain, full range of motion and no activity restrictions. Life is good!

// David M.

I’m back to work one week after arthroscopic knee surgery. Many thanks to Dr. Huang and his team for a job well done!! Everyone from the front office to post-op follow up has made this process incredibly smooth! Your professionalism is truly impressive. Thanks again!!!

// Grant

Thank you so much for the awesome job you did on my detached hamstring last November.  I just got back from a 250 mile bike ride that included two mountain passes.  I was able to climb a 400’ mountain pass and a 2950’ pass with no problems.

// R.B.

Dr. Merritt did my knee surgery for me (torn meniscus) the surgery itself was quick and painless and I was walking on my own same day, I went back to work only 4 days later.

// Jacob H.

I am very pleased with the results of my hip replacement surgery last July, 2015. One of my primary goals was to hike with my husband again, and I’ve been able to do that! We have hiked in California, Arizona, and many other states this winter – hikes from 1-6+ miles, with elevation change. I am very grateful to Dr. Merritt and Proliance. Thank you!

// Ramona H.

I am now biking 20 miles and have signed up for the MS ride in September. I am running more and more, and have also been rock climbing a few times this month. My knee is feeling better and better. I am very thankful for the care I received from Dr. Merritt.

-Julie Johnston

// Julie J.

Everything went very well and I was happy with it all, especially Dr. Merritt. I played golf within 6 weeks and am walking 1.5 miles a day now.

// Peter

I can’t believe I waited this long. I can walk on uneven ground and I have no pain. Normally I had to watch my knee and where I stepped, but since the surgery, I can walk normally. I’m very happy now, I can walk fluidly and also play with my dog. Dr. Merritt is a good doctor. I like him.

// Richard

Dr. Novak was very knowledgeable.  Everything he explained about my ankle condition and the upcoming procedure was very easy to understand.  Thank you Dr. Novak and team.

// Anthony

My son Jeremy ruptured his Achilles tendon just before Memorial Day.  He had the repair surgery done by Dr. Novak.  I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the great care he received at Proliance.  Every single person we came in contact with were super people.  I was so impressed with the caring nature of all involved.  It was a pleasure to deal with all staff members.  Again, we just want to say a big THANK YOU for the great care.

// Ron and Toni

I would recommend Dr. Shrivastava to anyone who needs a great doctor. Him and the office staff have been excellent throughout all of my office visits. Before I came to see him I was in constant pain and now I can sleep again and be more active. 

// Cheryl

I would highly recommend Proliance Orthopedics.  I had surgery for carpel tunnel and an ulnar nerve repair.  My surgeon, Dr. Shrivastava was gentle, supportive, informative, and responsive to my concerns.  His medical assistant is very friendly as well as the office staff as a whole.  I was very confident to go into surgery and now I can use both arms, wrists, and hands for daily activities. 

// Mary

I would highly recommend Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates.  I am now out of pain and can use my left hand again.  Dr. Shrivastava was very informative, thoughtful, and pleasant.  The office staff as a whole has been wonderful every time I’ve come in.

// Marsha

I had carpal tunnel and trigger release, which is why I came to see Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates.  They were very quick at getting me an appointment to be seen and also very professional.  Dr Shrivastava was very professional throughout the entire time I was there.  His medical assistant was very kind and helpful and always had a smile on her face.  Thank you to everyone at Proliance Orthopedic Associates that helped me get back to a normal life. 

// Shawn

My experience at Proliance Orthopedic Associates for problems with my elbow was very helpful and necessary to go back to usual activities.  Dr. Shrivastava was very receptive to my needs.  His medical assistant, as well as the office staff, were helpful and pleasant.  I would recommend Proliance Orthopedic Associates and Dr. Shrivastava.

// Molly

I came to see Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates because I needed a Left Shoulder Repair Surgery. I was very satisfied with my surgical experience. Dr. Shrivastava was great throughout the whole process. His medical assistant and the office staff are great, very helpful! I would recommend Proliance Orthopedic Associates and give this office 5 stars!

// Jim

Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates is knowledgeable, forthcoming and educated.  He has made my shoulder much better.  His medical assistant is very pleasant, she’s always smiling and has a cheerful disposition.  The office staff is very quick and efficient, but still very polite.  I would recommend Dr. Shrivastava.


// Mike

While being cared for by Proliance Orthopedic Associates, I received top notch service and all staff made sure to go the extra mile in answering any questions or concerns I had.  Results are phenomenal!  Thank you, Dr. Shrivastava.

// Lonnie

Excellent, excellent, excellent. Everyone from front desk to check out was the utmost in professionalism and customer service.  Dr. Shrivastava is a top notch Orthopedist, that reflects the definition of consummate medical professional.

// Joe Z.

My wife has been experiencing hand tingling.  She saw Dr. Shrivastava and he started her on some medications that have greatly assisted her hand pain.  She was able to avoid a surgery and he took the time to explain everything.  Best orthopedic physicians, period.

// C.S.

I’ve had so many doctors since 2000 including back surgeons, infectious disease, neuron and Ortho, primary care, etc. Dr. Shrivastava is by far my favorite. He spends time and listens and explains and re explains if needed. His assistant Jeanie is also wonderful! 

// Meredith D.

I had a good experience for my rotator cuff surgery. I was having pain in my shoulder for almost two years before the operation. After about 6 month past surgery, my arm is fully recovered. I’m pretty active and I can finally throw a football about 40 yards again. The doctor always had me work at my own pace as far as recovery goes. It took about 4 months of PT to get back to work as a window washer. I thought my arm would never be the same again but thankfully I was wrong.

Ryan Shultz

// Ryan S.

I had surgery in March 2015 and Dr. Thompson and his staff were awesome. It has been over a year now and I am feeling great. I would recommend him to anyone. Very professional. The whole experience could not have been any better. This is one satisfied patient.

// TK

It’s been 5 years since Dr. Tullus did a bi-lateral total knee replacement for me. I’ve had zero problems and have been pain-free except during rehab and that was the fault of the “drill sergeant” I had for therapy. I swear by this guy and his PA (Wendy at the time of surgery).

// Rich

Dr. Tullus treated a rare condition of PVNS for me. He researched my condition and found a surgical specialist for me and participated in the surgery. 10 years later and my knee is perfect with no recurrent issues. He’s the best!

// Darla V.

I saw Dr. Tullus for problems with my knees. I had numerous previous sports injuries when I was younger and the pain was catching up with me as I got further into my twenties. The appointment went great, both he and his medical assistant were very personable, took their time with me and answered all of my questions. Thank you for the great experience.

// Casey

Dr. Veith was awesome!  ER doctor said I would have to have surgery (broken bone in my foot). Dr, Veith said no surgery!  Never felt rushed by anyone in the office.

// Michele

I saw Dr. Veith for my ankle. I really like Dr. Veith a lot. He has a great bedside manner and knows when to treat and when to take a backseat and let time do the healing.  He’s compassionate, caring, and really smart. I also felt all the assistants were great. 

// Melissa

Went in for a foot problem and seen Dr. Veith. He explained my problem in detail and advised me on what to do. Have had no problems with this doctor and i find that he is a real kick in the butt with his since of humor. I would recommend him in an instant to anyone with a foot problem.

Roger H.

// Roger H.

Dr. Huang, I want to thank you for everything you and your team have done for my young family. The compassion, expertise, and guidance you provided us throughout my journey in repairing my knee meant the world to me. Because of you, I can walk again and return to my normal activities. Most importantly, you gave me back the ability to care for my son. I get another chance to be the mom that I always wanted to be. I am truly appreciative and thankful beyond words to have had you as my surgeon. From the bottom of my heart, I am forever grateful for the care you provided us.

// L.S.

I want to thank you for helping me. I was at the point in my life where I was in constant pain, as well as having a VERY difficult ability to walk. Since the surgery that was done on October 30th, 2019 (for total knee replacement), I have been able to walk 100% better.

I wasn't sure what to expect before having the surgery done. However, I am very glad that the knee replacement surgery was done. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Merritt for helping me. I am thankful for his skills as a surgeon. The knee replacement joint component is working very well. I am hopeful that it will last a long time. Again, thank you so much!

// Larry

I had 2 surgeries in 2020 at Valley Med. In July, I did my hip. Dr. Merritt and Andrew his PA are awesome. These 2 people should be commended for doing their jobs beyond expected. Both my hip, and now my knee, are healing much faster than expected. It's all due to expert medical care. Thank you all and hope not to come back but if I had to do another surgery definitely will be Valley Medical. Thank you! Sincerely.

// Valley Medical Patient

I was seen by Dr. Novak following an injury of crushed bones that put me in Valley Medical Center. Dr. Novak attended to my injuries. He and his staff were friendly and courteous and I received top quality care. I would definitely recommend POA to my friends and family. You all are the best!

// Pamela

I was referred to Dr. Alton by another physician for a very complicated hip revision. The outcome of my previous hip replacement was unfortunately that the prosthetic lifted out of the bone and into my pelvis/abdomen. This initial surgery was a catastrophic failure that resulted in muscle loss and significant pain. Dr. Alton, along with his colleague, were able to revise these complications and, during surgery, accessed the area from the top and bottom of the joint region. The entire process was a very complicated procedure that required building up new bone and I am happy to say that I am now fully weight-bearing on that hip. The revision surgery was such a success that I have since had the other hip replaced as well with excellent results. I have nothing by high regard for Dr. Alton, who successfully revised a traumatic joint injury and who has a wealth of experience. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Alton for his services.

// John