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Joint Replacement 2023: A Look Back and Forward

As we begin a new year, it is useful to review what we accomplished last year. Our achievements include: (1) completing our first full year of joint replacements in our new ASC, (2) the addition of our fully digital surgery program with robotically-assisted total knees and computer-assisted hip replacements, and (3) the fine-tuning of our pre-operative and post-operative protocols, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.

The staff in our clinics, ASC and hospital have worked together to make your joint replacement experience as positive as possible. We continue to track our outcomes and patient satisfaction, which remain very high. We performed more than 1850 hip and knee replacement surgeries in 2022 and this number continues to grow year to year. The vast majority of hip replacements utilize "cementless fixation" (i.e. bone grows into the porous surface of the implants). The most commonly used bearing is a ceramic ball on a cross-linked polyethylene socket. These materials have demonstrated excellent wear, with up to 20 years of usage. Our primary total hips are all performed through an Anterior Approach which has been shown to produce less post-operative pain and a faster recovery.

Fixation for knee replacements is going through an evolution. Most total knees are still cemented but there has been increased use of cementless fixation, especially in younger, more active males who tend to weigh more and stress the fixation more. Notably, the majority of my hip and knee replacement patients were discharged home the day of surgery in 2022. The necessary indications for same-day discharge are: relatively good health, reasonable mobility and a spouse, partner, family member, friend or other to help assist you in your care for the first 3-5 days depending on your unique circumstances. Most patients are approximately 50% recovered at 6 weeks post op and 80% recovered at 12 weeks (these are averages and results can vary).

We started the first dedicated joint replacement center in Washington state back in 1999 and continue to evolve and innovate. Our new six-room Ambulatory Surgery Center opened in December 2021 and was specifically designed for joint replacement and spine procedures, in addition to the usual outpatient procedures in Orthopedic Surgery. You can check a virtual tour at PSCV

If you have been told you may need a joint replacement procedure come check us out!