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Dr. Barrett Announces Retirement

As I approach the end of my 38-year hip and knee replacement career, I am filled with several emotions.

First is gratitude for all the support my family, friends, practice partners and mentors have given me over the years.

Second would be the honor of being able to performing over 15,000 joint replacements on appreciative patients.

In addition is the pleasure of working with so many wonderful healthcare professionals over the years. The advancements in joint replacement surgery over the last four decades have been truly remarkable. The pain relief, return of function and long-term survival of joint replacements have improved dramatically.

I have had the good fortune of being involved in the design of some of the most widely used hip and knee replacement systems in the world. This has allowed me to travel worldwide to share in joint replacement education.

I am honored to have played an integral role in the creation of the Joint Center at Valley Medical Center and to be a partner in the Proliance Surgery Center at Valley Medical Center. Both are wonderful places to have joint replacement surgery.

While January 1st, 2024 marks the end of my surgical practice, I hope to continue with consulting and education work in the joint replacement world. As Dr. Seuss famously noted, "Don't be sad it's over be glad it happened".

I am so happy to have had this ride. Thanks to all who joined me on this journey.

All the best,

W.P.Barrett M.D.