Recent News About Anterior Hip Replacement

Recent News About Anterior Hip Replacement

William P. Barrett, MD

As one of the busiest hip replacement doctors in Seattle, Dr. Barrett performs over 500 joint replacement surgeries annually. For more information about hip and knee injuries, sports medicine, and more, contact Proliance Orthopedic Associates at 425.656.5060.

I had the pleasure of presenting at the 7th annual Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement meeting sponsored by ICJR in Houston, Texas, from September 27-29th 2018. This meeting brings together experts, including orthopedic surgeons and PAs from around the world, to share their thoughts about Anterior Hip Replacement. This year’s meeting provided attendees with surgical tips about performing the anterior hip replacement, including placement of the socket and stem.

The first session was dedicated to increasing efficiency in the hospital and operating room. Sharing from our daily activities at Proliance Orthopedic Associates and UW Valley Medical Center, I discussed the various ways my PA and I work together as a team to both improve efficiency in the operating room and improve care for our anterior hip patients.

In our next session, I reviewed the surgical technique for exposing the femur, which is the most technically demanding part of the operation. We also reviewed techniques for performing revisions of the socket. My partner Dr. Alton and I do most of our socket revisions from an anterior approach when performing revision hip replacement surgeries.

The final day of the meeting was dedicated to surgical technique. We utilized cadavers to guide attendees through a step-by-step approach to anterior hip replacement. In these courses, surgeons learn how to perform anterior hip replacement by actually practicing. They’re able to gain additional insight on proper technique by coming to our hospital and observing surgeries.

It is an honor for me and my PA to help educate fellow healthcare providers about hip and knee replacement surgery.