Proliance Orthopedic Associates

Sports Medicine: Q&A with Dr. Lessman

What led you to join POA?

I have lived in Chicago for my entire life. My wife is from Seattle and we were looking for the right opportunity before moving our family to the Pacific Northwest.

When I heard about a job opening at POA, I was excited to be a part of this incredible group of physicians with a proven high standard of care and expertise. The practice's reputation throughout the Seattle area is undeniable and I was impressed throughout the interview process.

What's been your favorite part about working with POA?

My co-workers. The staff has been incredibly welcoming and creates an amazing working environment. We all work hard to get the best results for our patients but also find a way to make it fun as well. Practicing sports medicine allows me to see patients of all ages and the different ailments always keeps the day interesting.

What is sports medicine?

Sports Medicine physicians deal with the non-surgical treatment of acute and overuse musculoskeletal pain and injuries. My patients are not only athletes and people that lead an active lifestyle, but a large proportion of my patients have orthopedic issues from work-related injuries or osteoarthritis.

What led you to choose your sports medicine specialty?

An athlete my entire life, I had to overcome injuries to continue participating in what I loved. I had some fantastic role models along the way who not only helped me get back to activity but also introduced me to this medical specialty.

What is your background and training in sports medicine?

I originally trained in pediatrics prior to completing a fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine. I am board certified in both Sports Medicine and Pediatrics. Prior to coming here, I worked for 5 years seeing patients of all ages for orthopedic issues, but specializing in injuries of the adolescent athlete. I also developed a concussion clinic and was seeing over 500 concussions per year.

I have specific training and expertise in the use of ultrasound and perform the majority of ultrasound-guided injections for the practice.

How do you overcome challenges in your work and where do you look for inspiration?

I am fortunate to have colleagues that I trust - in the office, as well as around the country.

If I'm ever having a rough day, I can always count on the smiling faces of my wife and two boys to turn it around.

What's your overall philosophy towards providing care?

As an active individual (that gets hurt!), I pride myself on my ability to understand what a patient is going through and do my best to explain the injury and how best to treat it. I truly believe that exercise is medicine, and my goal is to return a patient to what they love doing as quickly and safely as possible.