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How Ambulatory Care Centers Improve Quality and Cost

A common point of discussion among both medical professionals and patients is how we can both improve the quality of our surgical procedures while also reducing costs. At Proliance, one way we achieve this goal is through the establishment of our Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), in partnership with Valley Medical Center. Via our ASC, we are able to provide hospital-based care with a strong record of quality care, safety, positive patient outcomes and cost savings.

Who benefits from an ASC?

When considering surgical procedures, many still view hospitals as the venue for a variety of procedures. However, patients who are scheduled to undergo outpatient procedures may actually benefit from having this done in an ASC, where systems are more direct and efficient and costs are lower.

Changes in procedure setting are multifaceted, including significant advances in joint surgical techniques, general medical technology and pain management. Years ago, joint replacement surgeries were seen as highly complicated procedures and would have involved an inpatient hospital stay. Now, various complex procedures successfully take place at ASCs with the same highly reputable, industry-leading physicians.

Providing Savings and Quality

In a report published by the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, the quality of services at an ASC is equal or, in some cases, even superior to that of a hospital setting. By following a rigorous set of protocols and procedures, ASCs have earned an excellent record of safety and quality outcomes.

We can find greater efficiencies by leveraging innovative approaches. For example, with the use of robotic technology, our surgical precision during joint replacement surgery has never been better. We are able to conduct replacements and revisions that are specific to the joint configuration of each patient, allowing for custom fit and positioning. In doing so, patients deal with less pain, less post-surgical supervision, and expedited mobility. These advantages deepen patient savings by reducing their out-of-pocket costs and halving their recovery time.

There are many benefits to using ASCs when clinically appropriate. Patients recover at home where they are more comfortable. Additionally, they also experience fewer complications and lower risks of infection.

Your physician will discuss with you which surgical path is appropriate. At Proliance Orthopedic Associates, we prioritize providing world class healthcare, patient support and optimized recovery. To schedule an appointment, call us 425-656-5060.