ABC’s of MRI

ABC’s of MRI

Proliance Orthopedic Associates

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one of the safest diagnostic imaging exams. The painless procedure uses a magnetic field and radio waves to produce high-quality images of the inner body. MRI allows physicians to diagnose conditions that an x-ray will not pick up. An MRI uses no harmful radiation and has no known side-effects. MRI procedures are especially effective for imaging the musculoskeletal system and diagnosing bone, tissue, and joint conditions.

To help you relax during an MRI exam, POA encourages you to bring your own music for the MRI technician to play during the procedure. We can also provide soothing classical, yoga, or other music for your convenience. Should your physician prescribe a sedative for you for the MRI, you will need to arrange for transportation home.

During Your MRI Exam, an MRI technician will assist you onto a table that slides into the MRI gantry. Once you are comfortably positioned, the technician will leave the room, but will be in constant contact with you via an intercom. The technician is able to see you at all times through an observation window. A family member or friend may stay with you during your exam, but they will need to follow the same metal precautions as all MRI patients. Learn more about MRI protocol here.

If you are claustrophobic or nervous about small spaces, you may find this article helpful, How to Get Through an MRI if You’re Claustrophobic.

Your MRI exam may require you to drink a contrast agent, a liquid that helps enhance the images of your organs and blood vessels. The agent is safe to consume and will leave your body when you urinate.

We encourage you to check with your insurance provider to make sure your MRI exam is a covered benefit. We will bill your insurance provider for the MRI exam. You will receive a bill for any unpaid portion of the exam.

If you have any questions about MRI exams or need to make an appointment with POA Imaging Services in Kent, WA, please call 425-656-0711.