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A look back and look forward in Joint Replacement

As one decade finishes, a new one begins with promise and excitement. As I look back at 2019, it was another great year for joint replacement. I got to experience the role of caregiver to a knee replacement patient and realized the challenges our patients face in the first few weeks after surgery. I am happy to say 10 months after surgery the patient is back skiing and enjoying so many of the activities which were painful before surgery.

As we start 2020, our outpatient surgery center is nearing completion. This state-of-the-art facility, with 6 operating rooms and overnight care suites, will allow a smooth transition from overnight stay to same day discharge. We have been fine-tuning our pre-operative protocols and patient-care pathways, developing and adopting patient-engagement apps and embracing digital technology to enable us to deliver the highest quality care for joint replacement patients. This is an exciting time as we evolve from focusing on the implants we develop to the techniques and ways to perform the surgery better. All implant manufacturers have optimized the implants, what we are now striving for is how we perform the surgery better. We use computers to help us better align and implant our devices so hopefully we can decrease the variance of results. Stay tuned for an exciting 2020 in the field of joint replacement.