Cast Care Instructions

Cast Care Instructions


The cotton in your cast will absorb water which takes a long time to fully dry out. This will cause skin irritation and produce a foul smelling odor.

If your cast becomes wet it is not an emergency however we would like you to come in at your earliest convenience. Please call before you come in so we can prepare for your arrival.

To prevent your cast from becoming wet you may use a shower bag. These are available at most pharmacies or you can make your own by placing a dish towel over the top of your cast and securing a plastic bag on top of the cast. (the dish towel is in case any water seeps through the bag)


Placing anything down inside your cast can cause complications and can result in a serious infection inside your cast.

Casts can itch; however most of them do not. At Proliance Orthopedic Associates we use the best materials available to avoid itching.

If your cast does itch you may very lightly tap on the outside of your cast but placing anything inside the cast can also further stimulate the itch and make it worse.

It is very easy to unknowingly cause injury to your skin by putting something inside your cast so it is best to avoid this completely.

3. Most importantly - if you need anything - CALL US!

Please call 425-656-5060 and ask for the Cast Room if you have any trouble.

The most common problems with casts are due to a change in swelling. This may cause the cast to become uncomfortably tight or loose. If you experience these or any other problems with your cast please give us a call.

We want you to feel comfortable with your cast. We do our best to make sure you are very satisfied with Proliance Orthopedic Associates and the services we offer.