Teens and Knee Pain

Teens and Knee Pain

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Sore knees are often associated with aging. But it’s not unusual for teenagers (especially those who are active in sports) to experience significant knee pain. Aching pain of the anterior (front) of the knee is particularly common for athletic girls.

There are two general injury categories: chronic and acute. Chronic knee injuries occur over time with repetitive motion, such as running, jumping, or rapid turning. Acute knee injuries result from immediate trauma, such as sudden, hard falls or twists.

Anterior adolescent knee pain is gradual. Teens typically feel pain behind the patella bone (kneecap).

“Symptoms of anterior adolescent knee pain include dull, aching pain, swelling, or popping sensations within the knee,” explains VOA Renton physician Dr. John Hendrickson.

Combining ice, rest, and rehabilitation usually helps to ease anterior adolescent knee pain.

VOA and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommend these tips to prevent recurrent pain behind the patella bone:

  • Wear the correct shoe for your activity
  • Warm up and stretch before physical activity
  • Don’t overdo it during sports or other activities

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear is usually associated with an immediate pop after a sudden fall or twist. The knee will swell quickly and won’t support weight.

“A torn ligament does not heal on its own and requires surgical reconstruction,” Dr. Hendrickson explains.

Knee ligament surgery is an outpatient procedure that allows recovery to take place at home. Physical therapy follows surgery to help return a teen to an active lifestyle.

VOA ensures comprehensive care, from diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation.

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