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Elective Joint Replacement Update | June 1 2020

Since our state has lifted the limitations on elective joint replacement surgery, we have been able to resume hip and knee replacement procedures at VMC in Renton, WA. Patients, caregivers and family all have questions and concerns surrounding resumption of elective surgery.

First and foremost, we want to make sure it is safe for our patients and family members. That is the reason all patients must have a COVID-19 test, pre-operatively, to confirm a negative test. The test results completed 2-3 days pre-op will be available prior to surgery. The patient should practice social distancing to minimize exposure prior to the surgery date.

Patients and staff at VMC wear masks at all times. Proper hand washing and surface cleaning is occurring throughout the hospital. We now allow one visitor for each patient after surgery to help with contact tracing should that prove to be necessary.

We continue to stress the importance of pre-operative education and preparation to make sure your recovery happens as smoothly as possible. We continue to use our evidence-guided best practices for Hip and Knee replacement surgery.

We will soon post our 2019 results for hip and knee replacement. We are working hard to eliminate our significant backlog of cases that resulted from the 2 month moratorium on surgery. Together we will get back to whatever our new normal will be. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.