Dr. Barrett Implants the First Emphasys Stem in the World

Happy summer! It seems like we had to wait a long time but summer has finally arrived with a bang in Seattle. A lot has been going on at Proliance Orthopedic Associates since my last posting. We continue to use the Velys Robot for our total knee replacements at both our surgery center, as well as at UWVMC hospital where we started over a year ago.

On May 16th, 2022, I placed the first Emphasys Hip Stem in the world. (see video below). I had the pleasure of working with a group of international surgeons on the design team for the new DepuySynthes Emphasys Hip system. This process began in Cork, Ireland in 2013. Now, nine years later, I used this new stem with a Pinnacle Acetabular Cup for cementless fixation of a total hip replacement done through an anterior approach.

Twenty-two years ago, I implanted the first Pinnacle Cup in the world and, now, over 4 million have been implanted worldwide. It's been a real honor to work with Depuy Synthes to assist in both hip and knee replacement development and design. With the introduction of digital technology, specifically, the Velys Robot and Velys Hip Navigation System we are leveraging digital technology to produce the best possible outcomes for our hip and knee replacement patients.

Earlier this year we hosted the first course at our new ASC teaching orthopedic surgeons how to incorporate the Velys robot into their knee replacement workflow. We continue to teach our fellow orthopedic surgeons about the new technology and we are excited to share this with our peers.

Content Warning: The following video contains footage from a live surgical procedure. Viewer discretion is advised. Please click through to view the video directly on the YouTube platform.