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We are excited to announce that  several of our providers were awarded the Seattle Met Top Doc designation. Proliance Orthopedic Associates is dedicated to helping patients receive quality treatment that is tailored to their individual needs. Innovation through collaboration: we apply our surgical and non-surgical expertise with the most current technology in each patient's diagnosis and treatment plan.

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We're celebrating one year of our ambulatory surgery center and want to give you a closer look at our state-of-the-art facility!

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Recognized as Top 20 ASC Performing Most Knee Replacements!

POA is among the top 20 ASCs that performed the most total knee replacement procedures in U.S. in 2022, click through to view the entire list!

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Dr. Barrett Announces Retirement

Dr. Barrett's retirement comes after almost 40 years of service to the international joint replacement community.


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On the way to the summit of Mount Rainier.

- Rachel

Joel describes his trigger finger release surgery with Dr. Howlett.

- Joel

// John Howlett, M.D.

On May 19, 2008, Geoffrey had his left hip replaced after living with bone-on-bone pain for almost two years.“All of the cartilage was gone,” Geoffrey said. “I ran track and raced jet skis. I just wore it out,” Newing...

- Geoffrey

I had degenerative disc in my right hip and suffered for four to five years in pain with the last two or three years being unbearable. I couldn’t tie my shoes, sitting in the car was difficult, and I could no longer participate in yoga classes...

- John

// Andrew L. Merritt, M.D.

Dr Huang,Our daughter, Katie, was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia her senior year in high school, on Sept. 24th, 2011. She endured chemotherapy, 6 months of treatment and worked hard to be able to come back and play basketball for her...

- Katie's Mom

// Fredrick S. Huang, M.D.

I’m just another success story on Dr. Barrett’s file. Almost four months out I’m happy to have my new knee. Although rehab is still in progress, I can barely catch up with the knee as it walks all by itself – no pain....

- Oleg G.

I was living in constant pain, 24 hours a day for years! Before I met Dr. Merritt I was always limping and was limited on the activities that I could do with my young daughter, especially after a full day of work. I had seen other doctors who...

- Abeslin C.

// Andrew L. Merritt, M.D.

I could barely walk. Movement–even turning in bed–was torture. This went on for years. Two hip replacements later, three months apart, and it was as if I’d been granted a new life. The surgeries, which I’d been dreading,...

- Judy

I had bilateral knee replacements with Dr. Huang years ago and it went great!  So when I broke my knee recently, I went straight back to Dr. Huang at Proliance Orthopedic Associates.  Dr. Huang informed me that I would need a revision surgery...

- Paul

// Timothy B. Alton, M.D.

Dear Dr. Merritt: I am 77 years old and had been fighting a steady decline and use of my right knee due to continuing pain for several years. I tried various treatments that were temporary at best. Several of my friends had gone through a similar...

- Clayton and Joann

// Andrew L. Merritt, M.D.