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We are excited to announce that  several of our providers were awarded the Seattle Met Top Doc designation. Proliance Orthopedic Associates is dedicated to helping patients receive quality treatment that is tailored to their individual needs. Innovation through collaboration: we apply our surgical and non-surgical expertise with the most current technology in each patient's diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Recognized as Top 20 ASC Performing Most Knee Replacements!

POA is among the top 20 ASCs that performed the most total knee replacement procedures in U.S. in 2022, click through to view the entire list!

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Dear Dr. Arntz,I am writing this letter to thank you for your total shoulder replacement surgery you performed on Oct 25, 2012.Before the surgery I was in pain all the time. I had trouble sleeping at night and doing simple household chores was...

- Robert

// Craig T. Arntz, M.D.

Due to the fact I injured my knees severely when I was young and playing sports. I was in need of total knee replacement for both knees. After exhausting every non-invasive way of providing relief I went forward. I am in my mid forties and after...

- Tom

// Fredrick S. Huang, M.D.

Though early hip replacement is the new trend For 64 years you have been a good friend It is to thank you that I am writing this ode For you have done your best to carry my loadYou have been in London, Paris and French countryside You have been...

- Pat

// William P. Barrett, M.D.

I am a 77-year-old female on whom Dr. Merritt replaced my right hip on March 25, 2015. Surgery went well and his staff were very patient and professional when I did not cooperate too well when I was coming out from the anesthesia!I went home the...

- E. Arlene M.

// Andrew L. Merritt, M.D.

Today marks my one week post op anniversary for my left hip surgery! I am amazed my pain is gone only tenderness in incision site.  I’m an old 70 year retired R.N. and recognize an outstanding medical office-which I found at your office from...

- Sallee

// William P. Barrett, M.D.

Proliance Orthopedic Associates and Dr. William Barrett are rare finds in healthcare and surgery.  In my 72 year lifetime, and 50 years as a health care professional, I have a multitude of experiences with doctors, health care systems and...

- B. Noelani Hong

// William P. Barrett, M.D.

Over the years, Pauline has had four surgeries with Proliance Orthopedic Associates orthopedic physician Dr. Craig Arntz. She has had two hand surgeries, as well as both right and left shoulder surgery. She discusses how she is virtually...

- Pauline

// Craig T. Arntz, M.D.

“I am 64 years of age and on February 21, 2012 I had an Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement at Valley Medical Center. Choosing the right orthopedic surgeon to me was very important to a successful surgery and recovery. My primary...

- Sherrie

// William P. Barrett, M.D.

I injured my right knee and ankle while racing motocross back in August of 2014. I was trying to ‘look young’ and ended up colliding with another racer and landing on my right side. I went to Valley Medical Center where I was placed into a...

- Ken

// Andrew L. Merritt, M.D.

I had a total right hip replacement on the 10th of August. From my first appointment with Jana Flener, to being discharged from Valley Medical I was TOTALLY impressed and happy with everything. Proliance Orthopedics is just super. They treated me...

- Mary M.

// William P. Barrett, M.D.