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Testimonials for Niket Shrivastava, M.D.

We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and helping all patients return to active and healthy lifestyles. Our orthopedic surgeons combine compassion with expert orthopedic care, building relationships with patients while relieving pain and increasing mobility and quality of life. Read what some of our past patients have to say about the Proliance Orthopedic Associates team.

From the beginning to end, the staff associated with Dr. Shrivastava and he himself have put me at ease, spent the time needed to answer questions and made sure the surgery was successful.  He was patient and kind, answering any and all questions completely, without any appearance that he was rushed, needing to go elsewhere.  His expert skill as a surgeon has made my quality of life much improved.  Everyone in the office at Proliance Orthopedic Associates have been helpful and very pleasant.  His nurse is exceptional.  I will definitely encourage others I know to seek Dr. Shrivastava’ s help if the need arises.


I would recommend Dr. Shrivastava to anyone who needs a great doctor. Him and the office staff have been excellent throughout all of my office visits. Before I came to see him I was in constant pain and now I can sleep again and be more active. 


I would highly recommend Proliance Orthopedics.  I had surgery for carpel tunnel and an ulnar nerve repair.  My surgeon, Dr. Shrivastava was gentle, supportive, informative, and responsive to my concerns.  His medical assistant is very friendly as well as the office staff as a whole.  I was very confident to go into surgery and now I can use both arms, wrists, and hands for daily activities. 


I would highly recommend Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates.  I am now out of pain and can use my left hand again.  Dr. Shrivastava was very informative, thoughtful, and pleasant.  The office staff as a whole has been wonderful every time I’ve come in.


I had carpal tunnel and trigger release, which is why I came to see Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates.  They were very quick at getting me an appointment to be seen and also very professional.  Dr Shrivastava was very professional throughout the entire time I was there.  His medical assistant was very kind and helpful and always had a smile on her face.  Thank you to everyone at Proliance Orthopedic Associates that helped me get back to a normal life. 


I came to see Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates for a broken wrist.  My experience at Proliance Orthopedic Associates was a long process of being in and out of casts over five months.  I ended up damaging my broken wrist after the first 3 weeks of the healing-which lead to surgery and even longer recovery.  I have learned to be patient and not doing things during my recovery.  Dr. Shrivastava did a great job explaining how the surgery would happen and what to expect during my recovery in and out of the casts.  He set up his expectation for optimum recovery early on in the post-surgery.  I now have almost all of the strength and flexibility in my wrist.  Thank you, Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates.


“I had thumb reconstruction with Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates.  Everyone at Proliance Orthopedic Associates is so nice and professional.  I’ve had three surgeries here with two to go, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for orthopedic care.  Dr. Shrivastava is fantastic!  He is gentle and very patient.  He’s great at explaining things thoroughly and always seems to be in an optimistic mood which impacts everyone around him.  His medical assistant and support staff are also fantastic, very quick and efficient.  I’ve received top-notch care all around here, I recommend Dr. Shrivastava and Proliance Orthopedic Associates.”


Dr. Shrivastava is very polite, caring, and positive.  I feel that he is truly concerned about my well-being. Jeannie (his medical assistant) is always cheerful and helpful, she is very efficient too. Since coming to Proliance Orthopedic Associates, I have regained the use of my right hand.  Previous to my surgery with Dr. Shrivastava, I couldn’t even brush my teeth with it.  The surgery has certainly improved my quality of life.  Thank you Dr. Shrivastava and Proliance Orthopedic Associates, I will recommend you in the future.


All of the staff that I encountered were very helpful.  Never did I feel rushed and whenever I had a question, it was thoroughly answered.  For having surgery, Proliance Orthopedic Associates made it feel the best possible.  Dr. Shrivastava has been great!  He is thorough, knowledgeable and caring.  He did a great job in surgery and I feel great.  He always listens and has been a huge part of my recovery process.  His medical assistant Jeannie has been awesome.  She is always in a cheerful mood and very attentive.  She was very pleasant and always a joy to talk with and get information from.  The front office start is great too, they are very nice and always helpful.  I am very thankful for Proliance Orthopedic Associates.  I am glad I used them for my treatment.


Before I came to Proliance Orthopedic Associates I was VERY discouraged.  I was in pain every day for months, but being told nothing was wrong.  The day I met Dr. Shrivastava and Jeannie, my world brightened.  They assured me that I would get the testing I need to determine the problem and we could work together to get me better.  Dr. Shrivastava was amazing.  He was very helpful, informative and patient.  His medical assistant Jeannie was great!  She was there to answer all my question and navigate my claim authorizations.  The office staff was pleasant and helpful.  I was very impressed with the total care I received here.


My experience at Proliance Orthopedic Associates for problems with my elbow was very helpful and necessary to go back to usual activities.  Dr. Shrivastava was very receptive to my needs.  His medical assistant, as well as the office staff, were helpful and pleasant.  I would recommend Proliance Orthopedic Associates and Dr. Shrivastava.


I came to see Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates because I needed a Left Shoulder Repair Surgery. I was very satisfied with my surgical experience. Dr. Shrivastava was great throughout the whole process. His medical assistant and the office staff are great, very helpful! I would recommend Proliance Orthopedic Associates and give this office 5 stars!


I came to see Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates because I broke my wrist.  It was the first time that I had broken anything.  From my first visit here with Zach PA-C, till my last, everyone made me feel comfortable and at ease.  Dr. Shrivastava is very nice and he explained everything very well, I completely understood what was going to happen and how I was healing at every step of the way.  From his medical assistant to the office staff, everyone was so nice and helpful.  I was very impressed with everything at Proliance Orthopedic Associates and I will recommend this group.


I came into Proliance Orthopedic Associates to see Dr. Shrivastava because I was unable to lift anything more than a couple of pounds without severe pain in my thumbs. Dr. Shrivastava was very caring and professional. He explained every option available before my decision to have surgery. The surgery that Dr. Shrivastava did was a  Bilateral CMC Joint Arthroplasty. Since the surgery, I have improved so much that I can lift 30 pounds.  Jeanie, who is Dr. Shrivastava’ s medical assistant is such a doll!  She is always cheerful and ready to help.  I have given Dr. Shrivastava’ s name and credential information to many friends who seem to have the same problem I had.  I highly recommend Dr. Shrivastava and Proliance Orthopedic Associates. 


Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates is knowledgeable, forthcoming and educated.  He has made my shoulder much better.  His medical assistant is very pleasant, she’s always smiling and has a cheerful disposition.  The office staff is very quick and efficient, but still very polite.  I would recommend Dr. Shrivastava.



I came to see Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates because I was having shoulder pain which caused problems whenever I used my arm.  Since being treated by Dr. Shrivastava, my shoulder pain is gone which is making my life so much better, I can even use my arm with very little problems.  Dr. Shirvastava was great!  So pleasant and smart, he’s a great surgeon!  His medical assistant, as well as the office staff in general, were very helpful and polite.  I would recommend Proliance Orthopedic Associates to anyone who needs Orthopedic Care.


While being cared for by Proliance Orthopedic Associates, I received top notch service and all staff made sure to go the extra mile in answering any questions or concerns I had.  Results are phenomenal!  Thank you, Dr. Shrivastava.


My hands have been hurting for more than ten years but I didn’t know what caused it or what it was.  Then lately because of the pain and numbing, I consulted my family doctor.  He suggested consulting an orthopedic doctor.  I chose Dr. Shrivastava at Proliance Orthopedic Associates in Renton and I was scheduled right away. 

At the Surgery, I was really confident and trusted him.  He’s very helpful and the best doctor.  He helped my carpel tunnel syndrome.  To me, it’s the best decision in my life.  Now I will do surgery in my left hand with him.  I am very happy, I trust him and I have confidence in him. 

Thank you Dr. Shrivastava, you are the best.


Excellent, excellent, excellent. Everyone from front desk to check out was the utmost in professionalism and customer service.  Dr. Shrivastava is a top notch Orthopedist, that reflects the definition of consummate medical professional.

Joe Z.

My wife has been experiencing hand tingling.  She saw Dr. Shrivastava and he started her on some medications that have greatly assisted her hand pain.  She was able to avoid a surgery and he took the time to explain everything.  Best orthopedic physicians, period.


I’ve had so many doctors since 2000 including back surgeons, infectious disease, neuron and Ortho, primary care, etc. Dr. Shrivastava is by far my favorite. He spends time and listens and explains and re explains if needed. His assistant Jeanie is also wonderful! 

Meredith D.

I had a good experience for my rotator cuff surgery. I was having pain in my shoulder for almost two years before the operation. After about 6 month past surgery, my arm is fully recovered. I’m pretty active and I can finally throw a football about 40 yards again. The doctor always had me work at my own pace as far as recovery goes. It took about 4 months of PT to get back to work as a window washer. I thought my arm would never be the same again but thankfully I was wrong.

Ryan Shultz

Ryan S.

“I had an injury while on a beach vacation. Dr. Niket Shrivastava offered me guidance remotely. I down played the injury. Dr. Shrivastava, very tactfully, described the severity of my condition and provided me a course of action which had me on the road to recovery within days. Had I not taken his advice, my condition would have become much worse require more significant action. Truthfully, I played a bit of a macho guy thing, but Dr. Shrivastava made sure to stay focused on my condition and insisted I take action. Dr. Shrivastava was highly responsive, very clear about the circumstances, and regularly checked up on me in the days and weeks following. I can’t remember a better doctor experience in the past.”




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