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Testimonials for Jason H. Thompson, M.D.

We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and helping all patients return to active and healthy lifestyles. Our orthopedic surgeons combine compassion with expert orthopedic care, building relationships with patients while relieving pain and increasing mobility and quality of life. Read what some of our past patients have to say about the Proliance Orthopedic Associates team.

I just wanted to take the time to send you and your amazing staff, especially Gina, a big thank you for my recent care and surgery that I had in August. I am so happy with the outcome and it feels so good to live pain free and not have the problems with numbness & tingling like I had prior to my surgery. I can play & keep up with our grandkids and feel somewhat normal again! I am truly blessed that you were my provider of choice and that I made the decision to proceed with this surgery procedure-In my case I didn’t have many options left to pursue. My family also thanks you and I will make sure I continue to refer friends, family and my co-workers to you and anyone that is living with Chronic Neck or Back pain. You don’t have to live in pain but take the necessary steps to become “pain free”. I wish you and your family continued blessing and success!!!!! Thanks once again 😊


This past summer I met with Proliance Orthopedic Associates for help with my continuing back pain from degenerating discs and arthritis in my spine generating years ago in my college days in the 60s.  I met with Dr. Jason Thompson at Proliance Orthopedic Associates and surgery was recommended.  I was told to expect 50-75% improvement.  The surgery went great, I felt very well taken care of by Dr. Thompson.  My lower 6 vertebrae were fused with 12 pins and screws.  I am delighted to say that I have 98% improvement and I LOVE my doctor.  I would recommend Dr. Thompson to anyone experiencing back pain or problems.  I am so relieved of pain and am improving in mobility and stamina daily.  Thank you, Dr. Thompson, for the great care I received. 


I had surgery in March 2015 and Dr. Thompson and his staff were awesome. It has been over a year now and I am feeling great. I would recommend him to anyone. Very professional. The whole experience could not have been any better. This is one satisfied patient.


I am blessed to have found great medical personnel at Proliance Orthopedic Associates. As soon as I come into the building, I can feel that I am cared about and that I will be in good hands. I am also blessed that I was referred to Dr. Thompson for my back issues. I believe that great doctors recommend other great doctors, so I was confident from the beginning that I would be well taken care of here. Dr. Thompson is very caring and concerned about people’s problems and overall health; my experiences with him have been priceless. His medical assistant Gina is wonderful; they complement each other well and are a great team. I have been seen by Dr. Thompson several times for different problems and each time I’ve seen him, he always has a positive attitude, which reinforces my confidence in him. It’s important to have faith that your medical professionals can help you and with all of the success I have had with Dr. Thompson, I have a high level of confidence in him. Aside from Gina and Dr. Thompson, the reception staff has always been polite and done a great job. I will always recommend my family and friends to Proliance Orthopedic Associates if they are ever in need. I rate Dr. Thompson a ten out of ten!

Richard R.

I was really taken back by Dr. Thompson because he did everything in a compassionate and quick manor. I had a ruptured disc in my back; I was in a lot of pain and could hardly walk. Dr. Thompson had quickly ordered an MRI on my back and then did my surgery the next day (on a weekend which was his day off). He was so compassionate and I am so happy that I came to see him. I don’t have the constant pain anymore, I can walk standing straight up. I can’t thank him enough for what he did for me. I wish more doctors would be as compassionate as Dr. Thompson is.

Beverly W.

I started having problems with my back eight years ago; the pain would come and go and became increasingly worse. I like to take trips and my back pain was slowing me down which was making me angry. I had gone to chiropractors, massage therapists, reflexology, and nothing worked until I finally saw Dr. Thompson. Dr. Thompson ordered an MRI which showed pinched nerves, a herniated disc, and other problems. I opted not to have surgery, so I tried injections for a year…and each time they lasted shorter amounts of time. In the fall, I realized I couldn’t do the injections anymore, so I said, “Please fix me, Dr. Thompson.” Surgery was done on December 8th and I was a new person on Dec 9th. I said to him, “It’s a miracle”. I can’t believe how fast I recovered; I would recommend Dr. Thompson to anyone.

-Vickie A.

MRI revealed Ruptured disk L5-S1, likely from running road races so many years and all the training with it. Intense sciatic nerve issues steadily increasing with relentless pain in both legs. My ability to play golf or even walk was difficult or restricted completely wondering if I would ever play golf again. Jason Thompson recommended disk replacement and explained the process and risks. Electing to get the surgery rather than live with this kind of pain was an easy decision. the surgery and recovery was a breeze. The hospital staff and the facility at Valley Medical were fantastic. on my feet in just a few days, surgery in July 2014, spent the summer recovering played in an golf tournament October of that year with full range of motion and no more pain. Thank you Dr. Thompson and everyone at Valley Medical for giving me my game back!

Brian V.

The first time I visited Dr. Jason Thompson, he said, “Why did you wait so long?” My back hurt from time to time, some days more than others. But, I didn’t think too much of the pain, because it usually got better. Then it stopped getting better and I knew it was time to do something. Like many other people, I had heard horror stories about back surgery. But, after researching, I made a VOA appointment.

I had a lot of arthritis, stenosis and scoliosis. Dr Thompson was thorough, thoughtful and helpful, recommending everything that might help and seeing that I received all treatments available to me. Only when everything else failed did he recommend surgery. He explained everything that would happen during surgery and what the after-care would be. Then I went to a seminar, hosted by Melissa, that gave me even more information.

Everything happened just as I expected. Now, almost a year later, I can walk better, my back doesn’t hurt. In fact, it is hard to remember just how bad it was! Someone asked if I would do it again, knowing that the recovery period is a bit long. I remember enough of how bad it was that the answer is still yes, you bet, absolutely!!!


In June 2010, I had surgery on my lower back. Until then, I was in serious and debilitating constant pain and had been for many years. I was on large dosages of pain meds that only took the edge off of the pain I was experiencing. The meds were only a Band-Aid and I was afraid of the addiction to them and the side effects were not pleasant!

I decided to pursue surgery. I had put off this decision as long as I could because I had heard horror stories of back surgeries that didn’t work and patients who were worse off than they had started. My husband had heard about a seminar at Valley Medical Hospital and suggested we go check it out to see what our options were. We were very impressed with the presenter, Dr. Jason Thompson, and made an appointment with him the very next day.

During my first appointment with Dr. Thompson, I was very impressed. I felt like he was truly listening to me as I described my life with back pain. He ordered an MRI and he could clearly see that my lower back would do well with surgery. With fear and trembling, we set a date for surgery.

With skill and precision, he fused three discs together. Recovery was painful and slow, but I can honestly say that between God and Dr. Thompson, my back is “fixed”! I was concerned about my flexibility afterward, but the only thing I cannot do is bend over to buckle my shoe! That’s it! Pain is gone! The old me is back! My husband and I are so impressed with the care I received post-op. I would truly recommend Dr. Thompson to anyone suffering from debilitating back pain like I was. My experience was so worth it!




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