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Testimonials for Craig T. Arntz, M.D.

We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and helping all patients return to active and healthy lifestyles. Our orthopedic surgeons combine compassion with expert orthopedic care, building relationships with patients while relieving pain and increasing mobility and quality of life. Read what some of our past patients have to say about the Proliance Orthopedic Associates team.

I am 63 years old and I have four children and 15 grand kids. I have seen a lot of doctors over the years. Dr. Arntz is awesome doctor. From the first time I met him he was very professional and very caring human being. My shoulder surgery, from beginning to the end, was an awesome experience. I would recommend Dr. Arnts to anyone I know. Note: Dr. has operated on myself my wife and and will be operating on my mother in-law as well. I give Dr. Arntz “A+”.



Dr. Arntz, thank you so much for all that you have done. You took my pain away and helped so in many other ways. I cannot thank you enough!


I recently dislocated my shoulder twice playing hockey and decided it was time to fix the problem before it got any worse. I had an unreal experience at Proliance Orthopedic Associates, all real nice people. Everyone helped me with getting ready for my surgery. The office staff were real nice people showed me where to go, then I met the medical staff and they were really cool. Yes I would recommend Proliance Orthopedic Associates.

Photo by Brian Liesse

Photo by Brian Liesse

Tyler C.

My primary care provider referred me to see Dr. Arntz at Proliance Orthopedic Associates in Renton because I was having problems with my shoulder.  I was having extreme pain in my shoulder whenever I would reach out to grab an object, or pick up an object, even if it wasn’t heavy.  The experience was great from the beginning.  The call center was very helpful in setting up my appointment; the office was easy to get to and located conveniently in Renton.  Once I arrived at the office, I was greeted by the friendly front office staff and quickly taken back into the exam room.  The medical assistant working with Dr. Arntz was fantastic; she was kind, caring, and very helpful.  When I met Dr. Arntz he was so friendly, he clearly explained the issue with my shoulder, as well as treatment options.  Dr. Arntz explained that I had a chronic rotator cuff taker that no longer could be repaired as well as shoulder joint surface arthritis.  Dr. Arntz recommended a Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty.  He is very personable and made me feel cared about.  I had shoulder surgery with Dr. Arntz and the nursing staff was amazing.  Dr. Arntz and his staff all took great care of me. The experience was fantastic.  It’s been about a year since my surgery and I’m doing great!  My shoulder pain is completely gone and I’ve returned to all of my normal activity.  I would recommend Dr. Arntz and Proliance Orthopedic Associates to all of my friends and family.  If I ever have another orthopedic issue, I’ll definitely return here for care.  Thank you Dr. Arntz for treating me so well and helping me with my shoulder.

Regina S

I am so grateful to you for the surgery you did on my right shoulder!  I couldn’t be happier!  Thank you to you and Roxanne for all you have done to get me through my first surgery.  Everything was exactly as the portfolio you gave me said it would be…perfectly!  I’m so glad Valley ER Doctors sent me to Proliance and I was in your care!  You are both awesome in my eyes!  I know it is what you do, but to me, it was getting my right arm back!!! I would highly recommend you to anyone.  I will always be grateful for your beautiful work. You are always in my heart. Thank you.


I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Arntz. I am a 75-year-old woman and heard several people say that I was too old for this surgery. WRONG! From my first meeting with Dr. Arntz to discuss my debilitating shoulder pain, he accurately diagnosed me with a completely torn supraspinatus tendon which was confirmed by MRI. I proceeded with the surgery in Proliance outpatient center and, while the discomfort was intense for several weeks, the results 3 months later are rewarding and no more pain.

Joyce D.

Dr. Arntz is knowledgeable and skilled at his craft. He obviously cares about me and takes the time to make sure I understand my situation.


The surgeries I received in 2016 were a major rotator cuff surgery from Dr. Arntz in April and a total knee replacement in June by Dr. Merritt. I was referred by Dr. David Sweiger who took the time and interest to try to help me. So glad I switched to UW Medical for my health needs. As the days go on, I am continually grateful for the lack of pain that I had been living with. Although still not like new and probably never will be I remain ever so thankful. During my pre-surgery post-surgery visits, I was treated without prejudice by staff and doctors. Mind you, I look pretty rough wearing bib overalls and a tank top along with kind of long hair. I am always clean. Owning a small business I work with owners and developers and frequently notice when people look down on me and judge me by my looks. They don’t know I am professional. Never once did I feel looked down upon by the Doctors or Staff. I come away from Proliance with great respect and appreciation for how they treat people and the great work they do. 

Jay S.

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Arntz. I am a 75-year-old woman and heard several people say that I was too old for this surgery. WRONG! From my first meeting with Dr. Arntz to discuss my debilitating shoulder pain, he accurately diagnosed me with a completely torn supraspinatus tendon which was confirmed by MRI. I proceeded with the surgery in Proliance outpatient center and, while the discomfort was intense for several weeks, the results 3 months later are rewarding and no more pain.

Joyce D.

I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you and your staff for the very pleasant experience I received on my hand surgery. I have had several surgeries over my lifetime and I can honestly say, that I have never been treated with such care and kindness. For that, I want to say a special thanks to you and your staff. Many times older people do not receive such consideration and kindness.

Stuart V.

Thank you for being a wonderful surgeon and all your support you have provided to me through the rehab of my shoulder. You truly make a difference!

-S. Sun D.

S. Sun

I just wanted to send a little note to thank you for such an amazing job you did on my shoulder and rotator cuff two years ago. It’s like it never happened! I talk to people who had the surgery and years later they are still in pain…I say, “wrong doctor!”

Thank you again for taking such good care of me.

Laurel M.


I am pleased to provide this testimonial for Dr. Arntz. I have never met such a patient-centered, kind, and caring surgeon. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. My rotator cuff repair was fairly difficult, but Dr. Arntz put everything back together perfectly! It is wonderful to have my left shoulder functioning again without the constant pain that I was feeling before surgery.

Steve P.


Over 20 years ago he did carpal tunnel surgery on both my hands; a few years later he ‘rebuilt’ my left thumb. So when I was having very painful right shoulder issues, I contacted Dr. Arntz!! He found I had an old injury that had torn the rotor cuff & it was not repairable BUT he said instead he would do a reverse total shoulder joint replacement. Okay, so it was not a “fun” recovery but I knew he did excellent work on my shoulder. Physical therapy is a must. Have no pain & am mobile!!

A. Sharon


Dr. Arntz is caring, congenial, has excellent bedside manner, and is very knowledgeable. He explained the procedure in terms I could understand. I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Arntz. I would recommend him highly.

Jan E.

My name is Al Minish, I have had Bilateral Arthroscopic Debridement and Open Rotator Cuff Repair, and Biceps Tenodesis for work related occupational job injury of 25 years–I was a journeyman painter for Washington State Parks, Port Townsend. I had a personal referral from our daughter who worked at Valley Medical and knew that Dr. Arntz was a very good surgeon and specializes in shoulder repairs.

I found Dr. Arntz and all his office personnel at the Surgery Center  to be knowledgeable, professional and courteous to me as a patient. Dr. Arntz repaired my right shoulder in February 2015 and my left shoulder in September 2015 and I can sleep at night now, where I could not sleep at night because of the pain. I have full range of motion and feel that I have totally recovered my right arm with no pain or residual issues. I have been in 18 months of recovery and still doing my home exercises. I am almost a year in September recovered from my left shoulder, and I have full range of motion and sleep at night with no pain. I feel that Dr. Arntz is an excellent surgeon because my right shoulder was not totally 100% repairable but you can’t tell that by me, as the right shoulder is fantastic and better than I could have imagined.

I would tell anyone that they are in excellent, skilled, knowledgeable hands of the best shoulder Orthopeadic Surgeon in the Pacific Northwest. We traveled 2 hours one-way to get to Dr. Arntz’s office in Renton, but we would have gone from anywhere in the state of Washington to get to the “Best” surgeon Dr. Arntz with the great results on my Bilateral Shoulder Rotator Cuff and Biceps Tendon Repair. I am now enjoying my retirement thanks to Dr. Arntz and his skilled team.


Alan J. Minish

Alan M.

I have never met such a patient-centered, kind, and caring person. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. My rotator cuff repair was fairly difficult, but Dr. Arntz put everything back together perfectly! It is wonderful to have my left shoulder functioning again without the constant pain that I was feeling before surgery.


Dear Doctor Arntz,

I have finished my course with Christine and Jan at the Kent gymnasium center. What superb and sensitive therapists they are! Never a moment wasted in trying to discern what to do, using my right side and shoulder. They already knew what to do where, and that I should be doing it. I always felt both tired and invigorated at the session extended. It was good! My right shoulder and back muscles are much more supple and agile, like they used to be. Another therapist, Joann prepped me to the same exercises here in our house. The gym had some good equipment that I used to get familiar with handling simple materials and tools. I’m grateful for all three teachers. I’ll always be indebted to you for lining me up for the intense course in getting this 83-year-old body back into repeated training.

I know that it’s up to me, now, to keep it strong. My wife, Josephine, is encouraging my workouts. I know I’m an old dude, but you all have improved my strength, and will extend my life!

Thank you, Doc!

Herb Coursey

Over the years, Pauline has had four surgeries with Proliance Orthopedic Associates orthopedic physician Dr. Craig Arntz. She has had two hand surgeries, as well as both right and left shoulder surgery. She discusses how she is virtually problem-free with regard to her thumb discomfort and soft tissue interposition arthroplasty reconstruction procedures. Watch and listen to Pauline’s description of her experience at Proliance Orthopedic Associates.

“I forget that I even had the surgery. I can do just about anything I want to do.”


Enjoy this detailed testimonial video from POA patient Lloyd. He walks us through his experience as a patient of POA physician Dr. Craig T. Arntz. From diagnosis to surgery, Lloyd was in the best hands at Proliance Orthopedic Associates. We’re glad that Lloyd is part of the extended POA family!


biker1Growing up, I was always very active in sports and a gymnast for many years. At 46 years of age, an old shoulder injury, aggravated by my occupation, brought my life to a stand-still. I was walking around with my hand in my pocket to ease the pressure off my shoulder. The pain was unreal. I could not lift my arm without holding it with the other. I had a hard time driving or even opening a jar, because the pain in my shoulder was unbearable. As a younger, very energetic 46 year old woman, my life came to a stop about 5 years ago. I couldn’t sleep or function from day to day, because I was so uncomfortable.

I finally went to the medical office at work and was referred to Dr Arntz. I called and had an appointment within a few days. After the x-rays, Dr. Arntz told me that I didn’t have much left for a shoulder and asked me if I had ever considered having it replaced. I was shocked. I thought I was too young for this to happen and was extremely hesitant. I had always been so active. I thought about it and talked it over with Dr. Arntz. He told me I would be able to do a lot of the things that I use to do, with little or no pain. He was so comforting and supportive. It was something that I really needed to think about. One of the first things that crossed my mind was how am I going to hold my first grandchild? Can this really help me or disable me for life?

About a month later, I had my shoulder replaced. With some physical therapy and determination, I had begun a new life. Within 9 months, there was really nothing I couldn’t do. I was even riding my quad again, without any pain and full motion. I have to be honest. As of today, there is still NOTHING that I cannot do, that I did 25 years ago. I can even do cartwheels with my 2 year old grand-daughter. I have no pain and full range of motion. This was the best decision of my life. It’s been 3 years and I’m still going strong. I’m still pain free and have full range of motion. This was the best decision I have ever made. Thank you Dr. Arntz. Thank you for everything!


I’m 75-year-old patient of Dr. Craig T. Arntz. On April 16, 2013, Dr. Arntz repaired my right rotator cuff. Through that procedure, along with his wonderful associates and therapy that he recommended, my shoulder has returned to full range of motion. I’m very thankful to report I’m now fully able to perform all of my household duties and activities with no pain!

As of September 12, 2013, I’ve been released from the doctor.



I had a shoulder replacement done by Dr. Craig Arntz. He is a fantastic doctor and a very caring man. I was reluctant to have this operation for several reasons. I have had several joint operations in the past, and not with the best results. Because of Dr. Arntz’s skills and caring attitude, my shoulder is much better.

Thank you,


Dear Dr. Arntz,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your total shoulder replacement surgery you performed on Oct 25, 2012.

Before the surgery I was in pain all the time. I had trouble sleeping at night and doing simple household chores was very difficult. During the day I would watch the clock to see when I could take the next pain pill. The medicine helped for a couple of hours and then I was back to having the same pain as before.

When I was rolled out of the operating room I thought “what did I get myself into”. I asked you to have the nurse call my wife and let her know that I was ok, because she was very worried and you personally called her yourself. That impressed me very much.

Learning how to get by with one arm was very difficult. After two weeks I noticed I was getting  better  every day.  At first I couldn’t even hold a water bottle let alone open one. Now just four months later I am pain free and can do more than I could before the surgery.

If you have a patient that wants to talk to me about the procedure feel free to call me and leave a message and as soon as possible I will call them back.

Thank you,


Dear Proliance Orthopedic Associates

I am writing you this letter to tell you about my recent left shoulder replacement surgery done on December 13, 2012. Since this is my second shoulder replacement, having had the right one done four years ago, also by Doctor Arntz, I had some idea what to expect.

I live alone, and I did have assistance at home for 3 days, however, after that, I could move my surgical arm in front of me in the sling to the extent that I was able to do the cooking chores, and similar light things.

After several weeks, the arm continued to heal, and I could feel the strength coming back, and things like dressing became easier. After 3 weeks, I started going back to my Fitness center every day doing cardio and lower body exercises that I could manage with my arm in the sling.

It is now going on 6 weeks since the surgery, and I have been cleared to begin physical therapy. I am looking forward to starting supervised strength training of my surgical arm, and I feel that is a milestone. I have told Doctor Arntz a number of times over the past 4 years that my right shoulder replacement is so good that I get up every morning and go about my daily life not even realizing that it is there. I have every expectation that the left shoulder will be the same.

Best Regards,


Dr. Arntz is straight forward gets to the point without a lot of hupla. He is very courteous, well mannered and a overall great doctor. He replaced my shoulder (total) replacement, did such a great job I already have 85% use of it and its only been 13 weeks. I would recommend him to anyone who would need his services.”


“I was diagnosed with a very sever rotator cuff tear and I was referred to Dr. Arntz from my doctor at MultiCare. I cannot be more thankful and blessed to have had Dr. Arntz perform my surgery. He is so dedicated to doing the best job he can for his patient. After surgery he explained how bad my tear was and that the surgery had gone much better than he had hoped. Because of his expertise in this procedure I came through with almost complete mobility of my left shoulder after only 20 weeks. I am so grateful for his expertise in this field and would recommend him to anyone who needs this surgery. We did everything in the way of exercises that he required and that really made a huge difference in my recovery. I thank you Dr. Arntz for all that you did for me. I am very grateful.”


Wow! Am I ever thrilled to have this opportunity to give the highest praise possible to the folks who helped me regain my life! I know this sounds like an exaggeration but, believe me, it is NOT! Proliance Orthopedic Associates and Dr. Craig Arntz, specifically, made it possible for me to reenter the life that was passing me by.

For over a year and a half people saw me clutching my left shoulder with my right hand in a guarding pose; such actions as lifting an ordinary frying pan or reaching a dish from a shelf above shoulder height were simply impossible. As an independently spirited person, this was difficult, but when I had to pass my first grandchild to others because my useless shoulder could not bear her weight, I knew the time had come to have the total shoulder replacement surgery which would give me my life back.

Thanks to the kindness and humanity of Dr. Arntz and his entire operating team, my entire family was as warmly received as I was and well informed as to the nature and extent of my surgery. The recovery process and physical therapy went more smoothly than I could have ever imagined as the exercises worked me closer to my goal day by day.

Thanks to the tremendous talent of Dr. Craig Arntz and the team at Proliance Orthopedic Associates, within four months I regained my full range of motion, at a year I had the strength to lift and play with my grandchild and at two years post-surgery, I refer to my replaced shoulder as “my good arm”. I feel like myself again and I’m so much happier to participate fully in life including lifting both of my grandchildren! Don’t wait another day living half of your life! Visit Proliance Orthopedic Associates and see what wonders they can work for you!

Most Sincerely,


“I was given a referral for Dr. Arntz years ago when I injured my left shoulder. He was a pleasant doctor and person. He suggested shoulder repair at that time. And also told me that with my condition, I would need a complete shoulder replacement eventually. I recovered as well as expected. Several years later I injured the right shoulder. And decided to see Dr. Arntz again. He repaired this shoulder with his usual excellent skills and dedication to his patients. Now forward to the year 2012. As Dr. Arntz had told me, I was ready for the total shoulder replacement. This surgery was less painful then the shoulder repairs. I have recovered. I have retired from my truck driving job. And am enjoying everything that I wanted to do when I retired. I have no pain. I have recommend Dr Arntz to every truck driver that I know who have had shoulder injuries. I also have recommend him to people that I have met, that are not connected to my job or my family. And will continue to do so. He is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He is caring, pleasant, patient and fantastic at what he does in the career he has chosen.”



Victor is no stranger to shoulder pain. Ten years ago Victor had surgery to repair his right rotator cuff. Then pain in both shoulders was again limiting Victor’s mobility and active lifestyle. His family physician referred him to VOA shoulder specialist, Craig Arntz, M.D.

rotator-largeExamination and imaging studies confirmed that Victor had bilateral shoulder rotator cuff tears. Dr. Arntz explained to Victor the rotator cuff is made up of four muscles and tendons that blend together to form a “cuff” over the upper end of the arm (head of the humerus). These muscles combine to stabilize and move the shoulder.

Normal healthy rotator cuff tendons rarely tear. Most rotator cuff tears occur through tendons that have been weakened from the combined effects of injury, “wear and tear” and aging changes.

Individuals with rotator cuff tears usually experience shoulder pain and weakness. Many people with rotator cuff tears complain of a painful catching or grinding sensation when the shoulder is moved. At first, the pain may be mild and only present with reaching or lifting activities.

Dr. Arntz explained rotator cuff tears usually get worse over time. As the rotator cuff tear enlarges, affected individuals often experience increasing pain and disability. Over time, the pain may become noticeable at rest or with no activity at all.

In Victor’s case, Dr. Arntz first recommended a trial course of non-surgical treatment, including physical therapy, activity modification and pain management. When these measures proved ineffective, Dr. Arntz recommended rotator cuff repair.

Dr. Arntz performed rotator cuff repair surgery on Victor’s left shoulder in May 2008. Victor’s right rotator cuff tear was repaired in November 2008.

After surgery, Victor’s shoulder repair was protected in a sling. Dr. Arntz recommended physical therapy.

“I was religious about physical therapy,” Victor said. “I can’t overemphasize how important physical therapy is.”

Rotator cuff repair surgery can be very effective in helping a patient regain lost shoulder comfort and function. After surgery, patients are able to return many normal activities and sleep comfortably.

As long as the shoulder is cared for properly and barring additional injury, the benefit can be permanent, Dr. Arntz said.

“Victor was very motivated. Although it took some time, he is now free of shoulder pain and able to do the things he wants to do.”
Dr. Arntz said. “I’m very pleased Victor is doing so well.”

“Dr. Arntz gave me back my shoulders,” Victor said.

Last April, pain-free shoulders and extended winter weather allowed Victor to take on skiing at Crystal Mountain and snowshoeing on Mt. Rainier. This past summer, he went on a six-mile kayak paddle off of Marrowstone Island and also spent four days kayaking around Lopez Island.

“When I would hike with poles or ski, or kayak particularly, my shoulders would keep me up all night. Now that’s all gone,” Victor said.




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