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Proliance Orthopedic Associates - Renton

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4011 Talbot Road S, Suite 300
Renton, WA 98055
Phone: 425.656.5060
Fax: 425.656.5047

Located right next to UW Medicine / Valley Medical Hospital, in the Talbot building.

Hours: 7:00am - 5:30pm, M - F

POA Renton is a full-service orthopedic clinic serving Renton, WA and the greater Seattle area. POA Renton provides general orthopedic care, as well as orthopedic surgery and various subspecialty orthopedics.

POA Renton Orthopedic Doctors:

Dr. Craig Arntz
Dr. Michael Allison
Dr. William Barrett
Dr. Traci Barthel
Dr. Susan Cero
Dr. B. Daniel Chilczuk
Dr. Christopher Howe
Dr. John Howlett
Dr. Fredrick Huang
Dr. Andrew Merritt
Dr. Erik Novak
Dr. Niket Shrivastava
Dr. Jason Thompson
Dr. Martin Tullus
Dr. Robert Veith

Proliance Orthopedic Associates remains one of the largest orthopedic practices in the Pacific Northwest, featuring six orthopedic clinics that serve more than 50,000 patients every year. POA was founded in 1973

The POA mission is to provide compassionate, exceptional care to our patients with orthopedic injuries and other orthopedic conditions. We use the best techniques and latest technologies derived from evidence-based medicine within a patient-friendly environment. At POA, we strive to respect our patients as individuals, and honor a commitment to patient well-being. We always remain mindful of our collective responsibility to promote health.